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Exhibitions Stands

We provide a full range of professional systems and solutions for arranging exhibition stands; from the simple decoration of the octanorm walls offered by the exhibition organizer, to complete arrangements with partition walls, exhibition systems, and customized configurations. We have a suitable solution for every budget, to arrange your exhibition stand. Choose one of the available solutions from below. We send you the simulation and the offer. Then we quickly and well produce, customize, deliver, and assemble.


Customized Forex Walls 99x250cm

Exhibition stand decoration with customized forex walls.

Price excl. VAT: € 56,0

Polypropylene Posters 100x250

Exhibition stand decoration with polypropylene posters.

Price excl. VAT: € 20,0

Printed and Laminated Self-Adhesive Vinyl 98,5x250cm

Exhibition stand decoration with printed and laminated self-adhesive vinyl.

Price excl. VAT: € 20,0

Presentation Stands - price depending on configuration

Exhibition stand decoration with presentation stands.

Price excl. VAT: € 0,0

TRUSS System

The modular TRUSS system is used for arranging exhibition stands or for setting-up an amazing customized background at conferences, workshops, and presentations.

Price excl. VAT: € 15,0

eXcel System - price depending on configuration

The eXcel system is used to create from scratch customized exhibition stands and arrangements and to shape various creative ideas, that highlight the presented product or service.

Price excl. VAT: € 0,0

Octanorm System (fee per sqm. / event - max. 5 days)

Delimitation and separation of exhibition stands with the Octanorm system.

Price excl. VAT: € 17,0

EX200 LCD Support

Plasma and LCD metallic support for the floor.

Price excl. VAT: € 60,0
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