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DS200 - Wall Infoline 5xA4

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Wall Infoline 5xA4 is a support for 5 A4 Uni Display frames, attached to a wall bracket, in a similar way like book's pages.

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    1-2 weeks
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Description: The Wall Infoline 5xA4 is a support for 5 A4 double-sided frames, mounted in a wall bracket like the pages of a book, for visitors' informing. The frames are made of transparent plastic and support A4 portrait sheets, which can be viewed on both sides. The 5 A4 Uni Display frames are attached to a support made of black plastic and attached to the wall with 2 screws. It is an exposure system suitable for locations where there is a lot of information that visitors need to access, such as retail stores, bank branches, headquarters, etc.
Advantages: The stand is equipped with 5 A4 frames with front / back visualization, where prints can be easily inserted and changed.
Graphics: material: printed paper / graphic layout size: 5-10 graphics A4 
Dimensions:  assembled product: L: 25cm; H: 32cm; W: 10cm
Package: wrapping: bubble folio and cardboard / package size: L: 28cm; H: 35cm; W: 15cm / weight: 2Kg


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