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COVID-19 Information Menuboard A4

Price excl. VAT: € 36,5
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A4  Floor Snap-Frame Holder, with a poster printed at photographic resolution with various messages and information necessary to protect against the new coronavirus.

  • Production time:
    1 working day
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COVID-19 Information Menuboard A4
COVID-19 Information Menuboard A4COVID-19 Information Menuboard A4COVID-19 Information Menuboard A4
Menuboard A4 is an adjustable floor display, very popular for exhibiting different information at showrooms, points of sale, office buildings, events or to signal different areas at fairs and exhibitions. This stand is good support to display in a professional manner the necessary information and indications, in order to avoid infection with the new coronavirus in locations that have contact with the public such as supermarkets, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, medical clinics, etc.  

Please select one of the 3 existing graphics types or send us your specifications or ideas to make your own graphics for free.


This system includes an adjustable stainless steel rod, an electrostatically painted metal base for stability and one adjustable A4 click frame (snap-frame). The snap-frame system allows the opening and closing of the frame for easily inserting the poster. The display area of the frame is covered by a transparent anti-reflection PVC foil for poster protection.
The professional way to display the needed messages and instructions for protection against new coronavirus.
material: printed paper / graphic layout size: L: 21cm; H: 29.7cm
assembled product: L: 25cm; H: 90-145cm; W: 25cm
wrapping: plastic folio and cardboard / package size: L: 85cm; H: 45cm; W: 8cm (system with graphics) / weight: 3Kg (system with graphics)

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