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Personal World Map 100x60cm

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Record your own travel adventures or countries covered by your company's services with your own Personal World Map!

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    4-5 working days
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AF500 - Personal World Map 100x60cm
AF500 - Personal World Map 100x60cmAF500 - Personal World Map 100x60cmAF500 - Personal World Map 100x60cm

Record the adventures of your travels or the geographical area served by your company with your own personalized map! The Personal World Map allows you to detach each of the 182 pre-cut countries. Each time a country or island is visited, the corresponding blue sticker can be easily peeled off revealing that country in green. The more countries visited, the more green territories will be visible on your own map. The Personalized World Map is a visual wall diary of your own travels. It can motivate you to step out of your comfort zone and explore new countries and locations, reminding you that there are still many exotic places, cultures and cuisines to explore.

The Personalized World Map has the dimensions 100x60cm (LXH) and is made of 3mm plexiglass (stiplex) with high-resolution print on both sides, with rounded corners and carefully finished with a laser. It is provided with a flexible system that allows easy hanging on the wall, regardless of the distance between nails/dowels.

Designed for businesses, the Personalized World Map may indicate the area covered by the company's services, the location of the branches, destinations covered by an airline or travel agency, etc.



Personalized World Map is a deluxe product, well finished, recommended for premium gifts for special people who love to travel. Mounted on the wall, it personalizes and enlivens any room with a personal, unique world map with a harmonious design. It can be created to order in different sizes and colors.

Not available.
assembled product: L: 100cm; H: 60m; W: 1cm
wrapping: plastic folio and cardboard / packages size: L: 103cm; H: 63cm; W: 3cm / weight: 4Kg

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