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BR140 - Rotative Stand 12xA4

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Rotative stand for A4 brochures with 12 pockets

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    2-3 working days
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BR140 - Rotative Stand 12xA4
BR140 - Rotative Stand 12xA4BR140 - Rotative Stand 12xA4BR140 - Rotative Stand 12xA4BR140 - Rotative Stand 12xA4BR140 - Rotative Stand 12xA4
Description: Rotative Stand 12xA4 (also known as Rotating Brochure Support/ Rotating Brochure Holder/ Literature Rotating Stand) is an indoor rotating brochures stand used to display multiple versions of A4 or 1/3 x A4 printings in a relatively small exhibition space. This support is provided with 12 pockets for A4 portrait printings and a double-sided header for customization. Rotative Stand 12xA4 consists of one metal foot supported by a plastic base and the transparent pockets made of molded plastic for A4 catalogues and brochures. The header can be customized with printed and laminated self-adhesive vinyl.
Advantages: With this stand, a large number of catalogues and brochures can be displayed in a small space ensuring a higher visibility due to the rotating system of the stand. Optionally, 12 more pockets may be added on the same holder, raising its displaying capacity to 24 A4 pockets. The base and pockets are detachable for an easy transportation.
Graphics: materialprinted and laminated self adhesive vinyl / graphic layout size:  L: 25cm; H: 17cm (front / back)
Dimensions:  assembled product: L: 60cm; H: 167cm; W: 60cm / brochures pockets: L: 21cm; H: 31cm; W: 2,5cm
Package: wrapping: bubble folio and cardboard / package size: L: 45cm; H: 68cm; W: 45cm and L: 60cm; H: 60cm; W: 15cmweight: 8Kg


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