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Customized Volumetric Logo - Price depending on configuration

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Volumetric Sign for walls made of polystyrene, acrylic (plexiglass), forex, bond, etc.

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    4-5 working days
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Volumetric Logo, also known as Volumetric letters, 3D Letters, Logo for exhibition header panels, is a 3D alternative to display a logo, slogan, or various icons, highlighting them. Depending on the subject, purpose, and location different materials with different widths and different characteristics can be used such as polystyrene, acrylic (plexiglass), forex, bond, etc. Also, the cut elements can be installed on a board or can be made overlaps with different elements with different characteristics, etc. 


3D Sign letters highlight the logos and can be made to any size and depth, drawing the viewers' attention. Volumetric logos (3D signs) are well suited for customizing areas such as corporate headquarters, office spaces, points of presence, hotels, conference rooms, exhibitions, shops, etc.

material: printed or cut self-adhesive vinyl / graphic layout size:  depending on the layout and size
assembled product: depending on the size
wrapping: plastic folio and cardboard / packages size: depending on the size / weight: depending on the size

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The products are available for delivery after the production period. Estimated production time is mentioned in the “Production" field.


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  - the delivery fee is at the courier company rate. For orders placed on the website, the delivery fee is automatically calculated depending on the weight, after the delivery address is filled in. For orders placed by e-mail or by telephone, the fee will be communicated in the quotation, or in the order confirmation.
  - in Bucharest, for orders of a minimum of 50 Euro + VAT, the delivery will be made free of charge by eXcelexpo.


Alternatively, the client may choose to collect the products from the Excelexpo location, either directly or by their own courier company, during working hours (L-V: 09:00 – 17:30). 


Delivery time:
 - 1 working day, from the date of the products' completion for locations in Bucharest,
 - 1-2 working days, from the date of the products' completion for locations in Romania, outside Bucharest,
 - 2-5 working days, from the date of the products' completion for locations in the European Union, depending on the country of destination.


For the rented products, the delivery fee applies for round-trip deliveries.


For details please access Excelexpo Delivery Terms.