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Warranty for eXcelexpo products



Warranty for eXcelexpo products


Excelexpo grants a warranty period of 36 months from the invoice date for all sold products except for the following categories of products: all products and displays made of plastic, as well as plastic components of other products, graphic prints, customized products, printed materials, promotional items, accessories, electrical and packaging materials. The graphic prints are granted 36 months warranty only for color fading. The normal wear and tear due to normal usage which does not affect the functionality of the products are not covered by warranty.

The warranty is provided at the Excelexpo premise. The cost of the delivery of the products to the Excelexpo premise and returning the products is on the buyer's expense. If the warranty claim meets the conditions above, Excelexpo will repair or replace the product (or the part in question). Excelexpo accepts liability only for repair or replacement of the product. In the case of unjustified warranty claims, Excelexpo may require the buyer to pay for the costs incurred in the product investigation.

The warranty is considered void if any of the following conditions (separately or cumulative) is met: 

•  the warranty period of 36 months has expired;

•  failure by the Buyer to follow the instructions (both oral or written) regarding the conditions of transportation, handling, installation, use, maintenance, and storage;

•  the products have defects or damages resulting from physical or thermal shocks, improper operating conditions, humidity / high heat conditions, use in areas with sudden changes of temperature, in places with vibrations, dust, smoke and toxic chemicals, negligence, intentional damage, etc.;

•  use of the products outside the buildings or covered premises (excepting the products which are designed for outdoor usage);

•  the products have been modified or tampered by unauthorized persons;

•  the products have been used for purposes or conditions other than those for which they were produced;

•  the total price of the products has not been paid in full until the due date.


Excelexpo declines responsibility for delays or any obligations in relation to its products which are the subject of a warranty claim if the delay or failure is due to factors beyond its control.  Excelexpo declines responsibility for reasons of representation, for any consequential loss or damage (whether for loss of profit or otherwise), costs, expenses or claims of any kind (whether caused by company's negligence, its employees, partners, agents or otherwise); arising out of or in connection with products which are the subject of a warranty claim.



Using instructions for eXcelexpo products



Usage location for the products

The products are must be used indoors, on covered premises, protected from dust, moisture, wind and weather (excepting the products which are designed for outdoor usage).
The products must be kept away from any sources of water, fire, sudden temperature variations (e.g. avoid positioning the stands in front of or near the air conditioner or in the windows).
Products must be placed in protected areas, at a reasonable distance and height from any persons or objects that can be touched or that can interact with in any way.


The assembly of the products (if necessary)

Assembling must be done according to the assembly instruction for each type of product by experienced people.
The products must be positioned on flat and non-slippery surfaces.
During the installation must avoid any wrinkling, scratching, forcing or kicking of the products.
In case of electrical products, before connecting them, please check and ensure the compliance of the sockets and/or electrical extension cords that connect the products with the legal conditions of a safe usage (e.g. to be checked if they are provided with grounding, there are no damages, improvisations, multiple devices will not be connected to a single source, so on). It is recommended that during use, all electrical products to be continuously overseen and they must be disconnected from the electric grid at night or when left unattended.
The metal products, the notice boards, the display systems, and all the products weighing more than 5 kg must be secured to the wall or floor for greater stability.


Maintenance and storage of the products

The products must be cleaned periodically with a clean cloth dampened with a glass cleaner. If there are any traces of glue, alcohol or alcohol-based solutions or diluents shall be used for cleaning up. When cleaning the products, do not use any abrasives solutions or abrasive powder!
When not in use, the products must be stored in covered premises, away from sunlight, dust, smoke, chemicals, toxic substances, physical or thermal shock vibration.


The transportation of the products

The transport of the products must be done in the original package or a similar package.
In case of difficult transport conditions (e.g. by courier, by plane), apart from using the original packaging or similar, extra packing material (bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, wooden boxes) must be added to provide additional protection. Handling the parcels must be done carefully so as to avoid any physical shocks.


You can download the Warranty provisions here.