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Warranty for eXcelexpo products


 Warranty conditions
 Excelexpo’s commercialized products show an average duration of use between 3-12 months depending on the support-material features. The warranty period is calculated from the date of the fiscal invoice and differs depending on the product category as follows:

Product categories

Average usage duration

Warranty period (months)

Stands and products which have at least one metallic component

12 months

12 months

Products and electronic/electric components that function with batteries or power supply

12 months

12 months

Flexible materials, rigid materials, and combinations of these materials 

3 months

12 months (only for print fading)

The provided warranty does not affect the consumer’s rights according to the applicable in-force legislation on the sale of products and their associated warranties.

Providing the product’s warranty is free of charge at the Excelexpo S.R.L location, during working hours (L-V: 09.00-12.00 and 12.30-17.30), during working days. To benefit from the warranty, the damaged product must be sent to the seller’s location accompanied by the warranty certificate and a copy of the fiscal invoice. The product will be sent in the original package (or similar) to ensure its integrity during transportation and it will be accompanied by all the accessories.

Excelexpo will have the right to repair or replace the product (or the component part in the cause). Excelexpo takes responsibility only for repairing or replacing the product. Bringing to the state of compliance will start initially by repairing within a maximum of 15 days from the product reception date by the seller. If the long-term usage products are damaged within the legal warranty period and cannot be repaired or the cumulated duration of non-operation (due to deficiencies appeared within the legal warranty period) exceeds 10% of the warranty period, on the consumer’s request, the product will be replaced or the Seller will refund the consumer the value paid for that product. The non-operation time due to lack of conformity which appears within the warranty period will extend the legal warranty period and starts from the moment the product is presented to the seller/service location until the product is brought to the normal operation state. Long-term usage products that replace the damaged products in the warranty period will benefit from a new warranty period that starts from the product’s exchange date. 

The beneficiary will be responsible for supplying the electronic/electric equipment with batteries or connecting them to a grounded power outlet (depending on the case) and will be responsible for their supervision throughout their operation. 

In case of unjustified demands of warranty, Excelexpo will reserve the right to request the equivalent of investigation costs of the product claimed to be damaged, to the buyer.

Exclusions and limitations

The following categories of products do not benefit from the warranty: products and displays made 100% of plastic, wood, pal, mdf or similar, components of all products made of plastic, wood, pal, mdf or similar, customized products, prints, customization, printings, promotional objects, accessories, breakable parts, electric materials consumables (such as lightbulbs, neon, LEDs, etc.), packages, laminating services, cutter plotter cutting, router cutting, sticking, finishing, renting stands or audio-video equipment and any other services, etc.

Wear appeared due to normal use, which does not affect the functionality of the products and is not covered by the warranty. The warranty does not cover the absence of any accessory or a part of a product if the claim appears after the products’ receipt.

The warranty is lost when any of the conditions below are fulfilled (separate or cumulative):

•    the expiry of the warranty period specific to the product category; 
•    the buyer fails to comply with the verbal or written instructions regarding the use, installing, mounting, transport, manipulation, maintenance, storage/depositing conditions; 
•  the products show defects caused by physical or thermal shocks, inappropriate operating conditions, increased humidity and/or heat conditions, the use in areas with sudden changes in temperature, in places with vibrations, dust, smoke or chemical/toxic substances, negligence, intentional damage, battering, manipulation, transport or defective storing; 
•    the use of products outside of the buildings or covered precinct (except for the products made for outside use); 
•    electric discharges or power voltage variations or connecting to an inappropriate voltage power outlet; 
•    modification or intervention to products by persons unauthorized by Excelexpo; 
•    the use of the products in other ways or conditions except for the ones they were made for; 
•    the total price of the products was not paid in full until the due date.

Excelexpo does not take responsibility for any delays or failure to fulfill any obligation in relation to its products which are the subject of a request for a warranty, where the delays or failure is due to factors that are not within its control.
Excelexpo will not be held responsible for reasons of representation (image), for any direct or indirect loss or damage (either through profit losses or otherwise), costs, expenses, or compensation requests of any kind (regardless of whether they are caused by the company’s negligence, its employees, third parties, agents or otherwise) and for any damages suffered resulting from or in connection with its products which are the subject of a warranty request.

The warranty for Excelexpo products is valid within Romania.

Also, you can download the Excelexpo Warranty Certificate here (click for download).