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In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, we stay together with the entire society and we have reduced the prices for all the products in this section. We propose products that protect, inform and help to reduce the spread of germs and viruses, such as stands with dispenser for disinfectant, plexiglass protection panels, retractable barriers, protective visors, information stickers, posters and floor graphics, different marketing systems with information and guidance messages, etc.

COVID-19 Protection (92)

Medium sized portable and demountable systems used mainly for indoor presentations.

RollUps / Banner Stands (84)

Big-sized, portable and easy to install modular systems, used for indoor presentations.

PopUp Systems (116)

Infodesk-like presentation tables, portable and easy to install, for presentations, events, exhibitions, promotions, product launches, etc.

Counters (32)

Flying banners and flags for outdoor promotions with single or double side graphics, with cross or pin feet.

Flying banners / Flags (39)

Portable, folding and customizable holders, stands, and shelves for brochures, leaflets, catalogs, flyers, etc.

Brochures Stands (32)

Different wall and floor systems for graphics posting, such as aluminum frames, plexiglass displays, poster hangers, wire displays, frameless systems, decorations, Signage Boards, etc.

For Walls (447)

Different floor systems and Lightboxes.

For Floor / Lightboxes (141)

Plexiglas displays for info posting and plexiglas dispensers for leaflets, flyers, brochures, etc.

Flyers Displays (90)

Professional solutions for arranging exhibition stands and various audio-video equipment available for rent at exhibitions, conferences, workshops, presentations and various other events.

For Events (28)

Presentation stands and posting displays for retail and high-quality prints produced at photographic resolution with water and scratch resistance.

Retail / Graphics (164)

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