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Excelexpo qualified Installation Services Terms


About qualified installation services


Some Excelexpo products may require qualified installation services to be used according to the purpose for which they were produced. The products that may require installation may include, but are not limited to: lightboxes, signage boards, info systems, volumetric logos, forex walls, polypropylene posters, TRUSS systems, exhibition stands, car inscriptions, banners, various adhesive and wallpaper materials, various audio-video equipment for rent.


Unless expressly mentioned, the qualified assembly service is not included in the price of the products. Selling the products that may require installation involves no obligation for Excelexpo to provide the qualified assembly service. However, at the customer's request, Excelexpo may provide qualified installation services at the customer's expense at a later date after the products' completion. To find out the date of the products' completion, please consult the "Estimated production Time" field on the product page and the order confirmation received from Excelexpo.


Qualified installation services time

The installation can be made only after the placing of the order and the completion of the products. The date for the installation will be scheduled in advance, on a working day agreed upon by both the client and the representative of Excelexpo.
Excelexpo does not provide installation at a certain time; the installation can be done throughout a working day, between working hours 09.00-18.00. Carrying out the installation in a certain time frame or avoiding a certain time frame may occur to the extent possible, depending on the internal schedule, and does not constitute in any way an obligation for Excelexpo or its employees. Excelexpo does not accept any responsibility for damages of material, image, or any other nature that may result from it.
In the event that, for reasons not attributable to Excelexpo, installation cannot be completed or achieved according to the schedule, it will be postponed to a later date. Excelexpo does not accept any responsibility for damages of material, image, or any other nature that may result from it.


Qualified installation service instructions

Excelexpo provides qualified installation services if all the required information is communicated prior to the date established for the installation (data such as a delivery address, contact person, and phone number). Excelexpo provides qualified installation services if the customer provides at the location a representative who can supply the necessary information for the installation and can make the reception of the ordered products and installation services.

Excelexpo provides qualified installation services if the customer fulfills the following conditions at the location:

•  The location of the installation is indoors, in covered premises, away from dust, moisture, wind, and outside weather (except Excelexpo agreed otherwise,

•  The premises of the installation are free, upon the arrival of the installation team,

•  The elements on which the products will be installed are at the location at the time scheduled for installation,

•  The customer provides for Excelexpo team the possibility to park the car close to the access path to the location,

•  The customer provides safe access to the installation location. The installation team will not go or carry the products if the access way is not appropriate (narrow spaces, narrow staircases, long distance between the parking and the place of delivery, and so on) nor if their bodily integrity is endangered (building construction, stairs or terraces without banisters, bridges, so on),

•  The customer ensured that the products fit the access doors and the premises where the installation will take place,

•  Where self-adhesive foil applies, the surfaces undergoing the application of the self-adhesive are cleaned, degreased, and without roughness,

•  The products to be installed will be positioned in safe areas, away from people or objects, at a reasonable height and distance from people or other objects in order to avoid interaction in any way,

•  In the case of the products hanging on the wall, the customer informed the Excelexpo representative at the time of the order, regarding the wall structure. Certain products having a big weight are not eligible for installation on a plasterboard wall,

•  Any changes in the configuration of the installation were sent with at least 1 working day before the date scheduled for the installation.


Excelexpo does not provide the following services:

•  Connection to the electricity grid In the case of electric products. The customer must ensure the availability of the sockets and/or the electrical extension cords that connect the products and their compliance with the legal provisions regarding the safety usage (e.g. they are to be provided with grounding, must have no damages, improvisations, multiple appliances will not be connected to one source, so on). It is advisable that during the use, the electrical products be monitored continuously and disconnected from the electric grid at night or when left unattended;

•  The cleaning of the location after the qualified installation services are provided.


Excelexpo recommends that metallic products, signage boards, info systems, and all products weighing more than 5Kg to be secured to the wall or to the floor for greater stability.
Excelexpo assumes no responsibility regarding the quality and resistance of the elements from the location, that are used to perform the installation, such as but not limited to: walls, columns, floors, plaster, decorative paints, electrical installations, etc.

The presentation of products / services, the qualitative and quantitative reception, as well as the assembly / disassembly tests will be carried out upon delivery / installation time, in the presence of the client or its representative. After the reception, Excelexpo does not take any subsequent responsibility for the products (except the justified warranty claims).


The consumer (individual) benefiting from qualified installation services confirms that he has acknowledged that services provided in full with his prior express consent, are exempted from the right of withdrawal. 

In case of an unsuccessful attempt of installation for reasons attributable to the customer including but not limited to wrong address, the absence of the customer representative on the premises, the impossibility to establish contact on the telephone, the customer's refusal or inability to give the necessary information, the customer's refusal to make the reception of the products or the installation services or to sign the accompanying documents, failure to comply with the conditions mentioned above regarding the qualified assembly service in good conditions, the absence from the location of the goods needed to make installation with and so on; Excelexpo shall be exempt from the obligation to make the installation and take no responsibility for any damages of material, image or any other nature that may result from this. In such circumstances, Excelexpo will not return the collected amounts paid for the installation and displacement. If the products related to that order have not been taken by the customer, they will be available for the customer at Excelexpo's premises between working hours not later than 10 days after the completion of the products. After this date, Excelexpo will charge a storage fee of 0.1% per day of the value of unclaimed products and can dispose of them at any storage facility, at the client's expense and risk. New delivery or installation can be scheduled at the customer's expense, with the consent of both parties at a later date to the extent possible. 


Qualified installation services costs

The tariff of the qualified assembly service will be determined in advance by the representative Excelexpo depending on the location, nature, duration, and complexity of the work. For the premises outside Bucharest, an Excelexpo representative will also quote a tariff for the displacement. Both quotations will be communicated to the customer. The order for the qualified installation services is considered accepted only after the express client's approval of the two quotations and after their payment by one of the payment methods accepted by Excelexpo.
Excelexpo performs the qualified installation service related to one order / invoice only once and at a single address. For installation to multiple addresses, please contact Excelexpo sales representative for a quotation.


Excelexpo accepts requests for postponement or cancellation of a qualified installation service order, only if they are made before the date scheduled for the installation with at least 1 working day for Bucharest / 3 working days for locations outside Bucharest.
In case the cancellation of an order is made in accordance with the above provisions, Excelexpo will refund the collected value of the qualified installation service order and displacement tariff, except for the bank charges and expenses already made in preparation for the installation service (which might include, but not limited to purchase of materials and supplies, the graphics/ prints, acquisition of the services required to prepare the installation, etc.). The reimbursement of the due amounts shall be made within 5 working days.
In case the postponement or cancellation of an order occurs outside the period mentioned above, Excelexpo will not return the collected value of the qualified installation service and the displacement tariff. An order for the qualified assembly service (after canceling a previous order) will be considered a new order and will be treated separately.