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Legal terms




The present Legal Terms are applicable to all transactions with products and services provided by Excelexpo SRL with registered office in Romania, Bucharest, Trestiana Al., no. 2, district 4, Registry of Commerce: J40/16396/2003, Fiscal Identification Code RO15963718 hereinafter referred to as the Seller regardless of the means the orders were placed: on-site orders (,, by e-mail, by fax, by phone, during a meeting or others means hereinafter reffered to as Online Store;  unless otherwise stated in written, these legal terms shall prevail to any other prior or subsequent verbal agreement

Please read carefully these Terms and Conditions for the use of the website under the best terms. Using this website, the opening of an account, the use of the content, placing an on-site/ online order, by e-mail, fax, telephone, meeting, or by other means implies the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as detailed in the following paragraphs which is the Agreement between the parties prevailing over any other agreement that you may have with Excelexpo SRL or with all the members of its commercial network. Also, the purchase of products / services on our website implies accepting the commercial offer and it's worth concluding a sale-purchase contract.

The Seller reserves the right to make any changes to the websites  and as well as the  present Legal Terms , at any time, without any prior or subsequent notice.  Please visit this section periodically to check the “Legal Terms" you have agreed to.




Excelexpo products and services 

Products and services provided by Excelexpo SRL are listed and detailed on the website as well as in the presentations / quotations sent to the interested clients. The unit price is specified near each product or services: cumulative (for product plus graphics) and broken down (for product, graphics, graphics reprint, etc.). The products and graphics can be ordered together or separately. The prices for delivery or qualified installation services (if the case) are quoted separately, depending on the order. The prices of the products and services are listed in Euro, VAT not included. The customer can choose to display the prices in Ron, using the site's options. Prices of the products and services are subject to change without prior notice according to company management decision.
To be able to fulfill them, the orders for products and services provided by Excelexpo SRL must contain at least the following information: company name, name of the representative placing the order, delivery address, company phone number, email address, invoicing and order details such as: product name, quantity, graphics layout (if the case), requested date for delivery (if the case), etc. After receiving the order, Excelexpo SRL will send you an e-mail requesting the rest of the necessary information (if the case) to be able to fulfill the order or will send you an order confirmation with its details: stock availability and / or production time, payment terms and amount, delivery details, etc. An order is considered accepted when Excelexpo SRL sends a confirmation to the client by e-mail, without requiring a receipt from the latter. Communications needed to find out details about an order are not considered electronic confirmation. If Excelexpo SRL does not confirm the order, it is considered unaccepted.

Some products require an appropriate graphic layout for print production or customization. The layouts can be send using one of the following ways:

•   by e-mail (for files up to 10 MB)  

•   by a web file hosting service (such as etc.) 

Please note the Company and the Product you want to customize in the file name. Also, please mention in the order the way you choose to send the layouts. Due to informatics virus risks we are not able to receive layouts by stick USB, external HDD, DVD, CD, etc.

Please consider the following:

•   Files sent without a previous order will not be taken into consideration.

•   Excelexpo uses the files only to produce the prints / graphics. Your files are kept maximum 30 days from receiving, after which they will be deleted.

•   Please take into consideration that the colors of the graphics may slightly differ from the colors on your monitor or on other promotional materials, due to factors such as: the type of the material to be printed, the ink type, print technology, your monitor calibration, etc. Therefore, we recommend to all clients to request in advance a FREE print sample (the cost of sending the sample is on the client account). The request must be sent with the order or after, but BEFORE sending the layout. Excelexpo cannot comply with requests received after starting producing the graphics!

•   Please check carefully the layouts before sending or approving them for print. Sending the layout imply that you agree that the file is final and correct, complete and good to print. Excelexpo cannot be held responsible for content, form, quality and resolution of the sent and approved layouts.

•   The client is responsible for compliance with the legal provision of intellectual, industrial and copyright property rights (invention, innovation, brand, industrial design, logo, name, copyright, etc.) regarding the ordered products and / or their graphics irrespective of who designed the layout: the client, Excelexpo or others.

Excelexpo SRL can use pictures of the sold or rented products as an example of possibilities for customization in catalogues, brochures, website and other advertising materials. If you do not agree that Excelexpo SRL could use names, images or pictures of the products or services provided to you, please send an e-mail in this respect at

Sometimes, though the products may appear as available on the websites and or in different sent offers, there may happen that the available stock to be diminished or empty at the order time, due to other previously received orders. For this reason, the information regarding the stock availability are guaranteed only at the offer sending time and must be reconfirmed later, at the order sending time. In case of product non-availability in the requested quantity, Excelexpo will communicate the client the available stock, the time of the stock replenishment and / or alternative products or services. The client may accept one of the proposed options or may cancel the order. Excelexpo cannot be held responsible for any potential direct or indirect losses supported by client for the stock unavailability at the order time.

The client agree to take the risk of loss and damaging the products upon delivery by Excelexpo SRL, regardless of payment, contract conclusion or the transfer of ownership.
The client is required to manipulate and use the products, according to instructions received verbally and / or in written, in order to ensure their integrity and quality. Excelexpo SRL cannot be held liable for any damage or loss derived from incorrect handling, transportation, storage, installation or use.


Product compliance 

In case the provided products and / or services do not comply with the order, the client has the right not to accept and return the order with the obligation to motivate its decision in writing to  office@excelexpo.roThe customer can return the product within 24 hours upon receipt for defects and inconsistencies that were not visible / obvious at the time of receiving the order, also with the obligation to motivate its decision in writing to Excelexpo SRL will examine the product / service and will respond within 48 hours of the receipt of returned product. Where unreasonable claims are made, the client place on order and do not receive the products at delivery, the products remained uncollected or the packages are returned, Excelexpo SRL reserves the right to refuse future orders coming from that. After the 24 hours period, if the client did not return the products or send in written a claim about nonconformities, Excelexpo SRL consider that the products / services were delivered / provided in the appropriate quantity and quality and conform with the order. Excelexpo SRL do not accept any subsequent complaints in this regards (excepting the justified warranty claims). 



Excelexpo SRL offers 36 months warranty period from the invoicing date, for all the products on the website, excepting the following classes of products which have no warranty: products and displays made of plastic, plastic components of the other products, prints, graphics, customized products, printings, print materials, promotional items, accessories, supplies, electric materials and packages. The prints and graphics have 36 months warranty period for discoloring.
The warranty does not cover normal physical wear of the products which do not affect their functionality. 
The warranty is provided at Excelexpo location. The cost of product sending and returning to Excelexpo location is on the client expense. For details please consult "
Warranty for Excelexpo products".


Invoicing and payment options 


For Romanian companies, the invoicing and payment for the products and services is made in Ron; and the prices listed on the website or in commercial quotations in Euro will be converted in Ron at the official BNR (NBR) exchange rate, valid at the date of invoicing
For companies outside Romania , the invoicing and payment for the products and services is made in Euro; and the prices listed on the website or in commercial quotations in Ron will be converted in Euro at the official BNR (NBR)  exchange rate, valid at the date of invoicing.
According to art. 197 of Directive 2006/112 EC, the supply of goods for EU legal entities is subject to the reverse charge provisions, if the EU company have a valid VAT number and the delivery address is outside Romania. If your company meet the requirements, the value of your order will be exempted of VAT Tax. In this case please send us your order at and we will send you a proforma invoice made accordingly.


The payment for the products can be made at delivery time at the latest, by one of the following: 

•   Online by Credit Card, processed by EuroPayment Services SRL ( and Paypal (

•   Bank / wire transfer in advance based on the proforma / fiscal invoice. For orders from Romania, the invoice is made in Ron at the NBR exchange rate, available at the date of issuing the invoice. 

•   Cash at delivery / cash to courier. This payment option is available for delivery in Romania and it is not available for first-order clients. 

•   Payment from PayPal account. This payment option is available for companies outside Romania. The payment is made in Euro.

•   Payment by promissory note or check maturing in 30 days. This payment option is available for loyal Romanian companies with no defaults.


For certain customized or imported on order basis products, we may request a 40% advance payment at the time of the order, prior to launching the order in production.


In the case of payments made in a different currency than the one in which the payment is settled, the Client's bank will exchange the currency. Any commissions or exchange rate conversions applied by the Client's bank are the responsibility of the Client.


Delivery of products 

Excelexpo is providing delivery services according to the "Excelexpo Delivery Terms ". Requesting delivery services represents your agreement in accordance with Excelexpo delivery terms.


Qualified installation services

Some eXcelexpo products require qualified installation services in order to be used according to the purpose they were produced for. The products which require qualified installation services can include, but not limited to: lightboxes, notice boards, direction systems, volumetric logos, customized forex walls, polypropylene posters, TRUSS systems, exhibition stands, cars branding, banners installation, various stickers installation, installation of the rented audio-video equipment, etc. Excelexpo provide qualified installation service according to  "Qualified installation services terms". Requesting qualified installation service represents your agreement with Excelexpo qualified installation services terms. For price quotation please contact us.


Categories of personal data that can be processed

Due to the fact that our partnership is one between the legal entities and is based on these Terms and Conditions and the data requested when you initiate the collaboration or create an account on the website (e.g. name, email address, password and phone) are the data of the legal person, in accordance with point 14 of Regulation (EU) 2016/679, an agreement on your part is not required.
Therefore, in order to respond to your requests for information and for the purpose of supplying goods and services, including the sending of an offer, the confirmation of an order, informing you about the status of the order, providing answers to various requests or complaints, assessing goods and services offering, as well as performing commercial activities for the promotion of goods and services, marketing, advertising, development, market research, statistics, sales monitoring and customer buying behavior, administrative and media activities, Excelexpo SRL could process the following personal data: name, surname, address / home address / company location, email address, position and phone number, payment information, IP address, ID session of a website, login data, name account / user, etc.

Scope of processing personal data

The data provided by you is accessed by those who process the data in order to prepare your offer or your order and / or those who provide technical support to perform tasks related to the operation and maintenance of the technical system. We respect the confidentiality of the data provided and take appropriate measures to protect the personal information you share with us.

Your data can be processed at Excelexpo's registered offices and its work points for the following purposes:

•   to manage the commercial relationship between your company and Excelexpo such as to offer, answer to information requests, validate, dispatch and order billing placed both on the site and by phone or email, informing you on the order status, organizing the delivery of ordered products, etc. The provision of the data for this purpose is based on the contract concluded between you and Excelexpo as defined in these Legal Terms. The provision of your personal data is necessary for the performance of this contract. Refusal to provide data may result in the failure of your contractual relationship with Excelexpo.
•   to meet the legal obligations incumbent on Excelexpo in the context of the services provided, including fiscal, human resources and archiving obligations. Providing your data for this purpose is required. Refusing to provide data may result in Excelexpo being unable to comply with its legal obligations and therefore unable to provide Excelexpo products and / or services.
•   for marketing activities such as sending commercial communications on the products and services provided by Excelexpo by means of distance communication (e-mail, telephone). Processing your data for this purpose will be based on your consent if you choose to provide it. You can express your consent to data processing for this purpose:

•   For partners with a user account on the site: by ticking the appropriate box at the time of creating the account or after creating your account at the Profile> Newsletters section. To unsubscribe from receiving such commercial communications, you can unsubscribe by going to the Profile> Newsletters section, where you can remove the appropriate check mark. Access to your personal profile requires logging into your account with the email and password you chose when creating your account.

•   For partners without a user account on the site: by sending an e-mail to To unsubscribe, you can send an e-mail to with the subject "UNSUBSCRIBE- I do not want information".


In some situations, website visitors may submit an offer request or place an order without signing up for the site, but transmitting certain personal data to the process. The data provided in these cases will only be used to analyze your request and to deliver it, as well as for related administrative purposes.

Excelexpo SRL ensure security and privacy of hosted and transmitted information through its system. Although all efforts to combat and prevent shall be made, Excelexpo SRL will not be held liable for any loss of information from independent causes, including but not limited to: any defects or errors in the software designing and hosting the website, viruses or other harmful components existing on the server / servers or emails sent by and .


The duration of processing personal data

SC Excelexpo S.R.L. processes your personal data for as long as is necessary to achieve the above mentioned processing purposes. Thus, we will process the data of the company's clients for the entire duration of the contractual relationship as well as after it has been completed in accordance with the legal obligations of Excelexpo, including but not limited to the archiving provisions.
If you do not want your personal data to be processed or you want to delete the data, you can exercise your rights in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you choose to delete your user account, you will automatically unsubscribe from receiving commercial communications to keep you up-to-date with Excelexpo products and services. If you request to delete your account but there is at least one active orde on that account, the request to delete the account will only be recorded after the products have been delivered and the last active order has been completed.


Disclosure of personal data

In the data processing activity for the purposes detailed above, for the fulfillment of legal obligations or for other legitimate purposes, Excelexpo may disclose your data to partners, third parties or other entities that support Excelexpo in the course of its business (for example courier companies, IT service providers, accounting, etc.) or to central / local public authorities in Romania or abroad or the European Union / European Economic Area, in the following illustrative examples:

•   for the production or provision of the services covered by thisweb site;
•   to administer the website;
•   to maintain, customize and improve the website and its services;
•   to perform data analysis, testing and research, monitoring usage and activity trends, developing security features and user authentication;
•   for the transmission of commercial marketing communications, under the conditions and limits stipulated by the law;
•   when disclosure of personal data is provided by law.


Transferring personal data 

Personal data provided to Excelexpo may be transferred outside of Romania to countries in the European Union / European Economic Area. 


Confidentiality and Information Security

Excelexpo S.R.L. will process personal data only to the extent that it is necessary for a legitimate purpose such as to provide the products and services sold. The processing of the data in the possession of Excelexpo is required either to execute a contract with us or to take action at the request of a person prior to the conclusion of a contract or to comply with a legal obligation, to prevent fraud or the activity of money laundering or for a legitimate interest. Personal data processing for marketing purposes will be based on your consent, if you choose to provide it.
According to the requirements of Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free Movement of such data, we have the obligation to keep the confidentiality and to use safely the personal data provided to Excelexpo SRL for purposes of commercialization products and services Excelexpo SRL.

Excelexpo SRL ensures the security and confidentiality of data hosted and transmitted through its IT system. Although we will make every effort to combat and avoid it, Excelexpo SRL does not take responsibility for any loss of information from independent causes, including but not limited to: any malfunctions or errors of the software with which the website is designed and hosted, the website, viruses or other harmful components on the server / servers or mails sent by or  

The website users may send comments, notes, suggestions, ideas, questions or other information regarding the website content or structure as long as their content is not illegal, obscene, threatening, defamatory, not disturbed in any way the privacy of others, does not violate intellectual property rights, does not contain viruses, chain letters, mass mailings, political campaigns, or any other form of spam. By sending such information, unless otherwise specified, you grant Excelexpo SRL and its partners / affiliates free license / right, non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable and sub-licensable right to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, derive, distribute or display them on any media, worldwide. You grant Excelexpo SRL and its partners / affiliates the right to use the information, if they decide so. By sending any communications, you declare and warrant that you own or control all rights for the submitted information, that they are accurate and that using them does not come in contradiction with the current Terms and Conditions, that they will not cause damages to a third party and that you will fully indemnify Excelexpo SRL or its partners / affiliates for all damages claims resulting from the information thus transmitted. 


Limitation of Liability

Although all efforts have been undertaken, it is possible that information, description and features of the products may contain omissions or errors. Excelexpo SRL will not be held responsible for errors arising on the website for any reason, including but not limited to: typing errors, loss of information, changes, settings, up-grade, etc. Excelexpo SRL does not assure that the product descriptions on the website is complete or error-free. Pictures of the products on the website are for presentation purposes. The purchased products may be slight different from the pictures and descriptions on this website. If you identify an error please let us know at
Excelexpo SRL does not guarantee availability in stock of the listed products. For updated information and commercial offers, we recommend you to contact us by any of the means detailed in the Contact  section.
Excelexpo SRL cannot be held responsible in any way on the content, the quality, the nature, etc. of the websites that reaches / are obtained through the links on the websites or, regardless of the nature of these links; for these websites the full responsibility is carried by their owners.
Excelexpo SRL grants the users limited access to this website and does not grant the right to change part or all of the site, to full or partial reproduce the site, copy, sell / resell or exploit the website in any another manner, for commercial purposes or against the interests of Excelexpo SRL, without its written approval.
The user uses the websites and on his own risk. In no case, Excelexpo SRL, its employees and the members of its network, individually or together, cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect losses, that may result from: using or accessing / visiting the website, using information from the website, using the products and services after delivery, the loss of the products, any material damage, loss of data or programs, financial losses or any other damages resulting from access or use of this website or any websites that are related to it. Websites content is presented without any warranty of any kind. Excelexpo SRL shall not be liable also for damage caused by malfunction of the website as well as those resulting from the failure to access it at a certain time or certain links accessible from the website.
In some cases, the access to the products and services presented on the website may be subject to restrictions. Due to the fact that the company that manages and operates this website operates and sells mainly in Romania, we suggest you to consult the legislation of the country of origin if you are in another country, Excelexpo SRL shall not be held liable in this case. Production times displayed on this website and / or in commercial quotations are approximately, Excelexpo SRL cannot be held liable for default or any other damages that may arise in connection with the product delivery.



Websites  and images, texts, web design, scripts, software, design rights, model rights, patents, trademarks are the property of Excelexpo SRL and its suppliers and they are protected under Copyright Law and the Laws on Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights. The name and the graphic format / eXcelexpo logo are trademarks of Excelexpo SRL and are protected by Copyright Law and the Laws on Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights. The reproduction, imitation or use of the brand, sites, domains, brands, graphic design, “Excelexpo” name and or any items listed above without prior written consent of Excelexpo SRL are strictly prohibited and punishable under in-force laws.



Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable for the failure of its obligations if such failure is due to an event of force majeure, in accordance with the law.


Applicable law 

These Legal Terms are subject to Romanian law. By placing an order, the client agrees to the fact that Romanian law will govern all the sales made by Excelexpo SRL. Any dispute of any sort that might arise between the client and Excelexpo SRL will be solved amicably or, if it is not possible, will be settled by the competent Romanian courts from Bucharest, Romania.


Last update - 25th of February 2019