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On 24 June 2024, Excelexpo is closed to the public. Orders received during this time will be taken starting with June 25, 2024.


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Legal terms


Legal Terms


The present Legal Terms are applicable to all transactions with products and services provided by Excelexpo SRL with registered office in Romania, Bucharest, Trestiana Al., no. 2, district 4, Registry of Commerce: J40/16396/2003, Fiscal Identification Code RO15963718, working place in Romania, Bucharest, Drumul Cretestilor no. 31-33, sector 4, hereinafter referred to as the Seller regardless the orders were placed in the online store ( hereinafter referred to as Online Store), by e-mail, by fax, by phone, during a meeting or others means. 


Please read carefully these Terms and Conditions for the use of the website under the best terms. Using this website, opening an account, the use of the content, placing an on-site/ online order, by e-mail, fax, telephone, meeting, or by other means implies the total acceptance of the Terms and Conditions as detailed in the following paragraphs which is the Agreement between the parties and it shall prevail over any other agreement you may have with Excelexpo SRL or with all of its commercial network members. Also, the purchase of the products / services on our website implies accepting the commercial offer and it's worth concluding a sale-purchase contract.


Not accepting these Terms and Conditions makes it impossible to purchase the products offered by the Online Store. The Online Store offers the Customer the possibility to acknowledge the terms and conditions when placing the order. If you do not agree to the Terms and Conditions of the Online Store you have the right to:

•   request the modification of certain provisions provided they are expressly accepted in writing by the Online Store or

•   not to order goods / products / services on our website.


The Seller reserves the right to make any changes to the websites and, as well as the present Legal Terms, at any time, without any prior or subsequent notice.  Please visit periodically this section to check the “Legal Terms" you have agreed to.




In the present document, the following capitalized terms will have the meanings specified below unless otherwise indicated:


Online Store: is the generic name used to define the site, its content, the products and services offered, and generally the organizational, IT, operational, and legal set-up from which the customers/buyers can purchase products/goods or services.


Site: Represents internet sites belonging to Excelexpo S.R.L. which are at and by which the User accesses information about the services and products offered for sale.


Trademarks: are the trademarks of Excelexpo S.R.L. such as but not limited to the eXcelexpo trade name.


Products and Services: any good and/or service to be provided to the Customer as a result of the conclusion of the Contract.


Visitor: Any individual who has or obtains access to the Content through any means of communication provided by the Online Store under these Terms and Conditions or any other existing agreement between the Shop and that person.


User: any natural or legal person who has or obtains access to the Content by any means of communication based on these Terms and Conditions or any other user agreement that created and uses an account on the site.


Client: any natural or legal person who has placed at least one Order based on these Terms and Conditions.


Account: section of the Site available by registering with your email address and password or by signing in with other login forms such as a Facebook or Google account that allows the user to send an Order or access other Services. For customers with at least one Active Order, the Account contains the history of the interaction with the Site.


Order: an electronic document generated as a result of accessing the Site by a Customer or User through which the Customer or the User sends the Store his intention to purchase Products and Services on the Site.


Consumers: any natural person or group of individuals incorporated in associations acting for purposes other than commercial, industrial productive, artisanal, or liberal business.


Pre-order: the option to purchase a Product to be released or delivered at a future date that can be ordered prior to that date subject to the manufacturer's right to change the release date and the Product price without prior notice. Pre-orders are paid in the same way as an Order by all accepted payment methods. Regardless of the method of payment chosen by the Customer or User to place a Pre-order, a final confirmation from the Store is required by any available means of communication regarding the availability of the Product (price, stock entry, delivery, etc.).


Contract: a Purchase Order confirmed by the Online Store, through which the Online Store agrees to deliver to the Customer certain Products and Services and the Customer agrees to make their payment.


Transaction: the collection of or remittance of the amount resulting from the sale of a Product and/or Service through the payment methods made available by the Online Store to the Clients and Users.


Newsletter: the means of periodical information, exclusively in electronic format, regarding the Products and Services and/or promotions made by the Online Store over a certain period of time.


Transaction message: means of point-to-point information transmitted by electronic means to the Customer containing information about opening the Account on the Site, resetting the Account Password, order or Pre-order information, a Buyer's Satisfaction Questionnaire, Asking for a Review, Price Alerts, etc.


Abusive Use: the use of the Site in a manner contrary to applicable practice, regulations, and legislation in force or in any other way that may cause harm to the Site thereby understanding: the placing of repeated orders and their unwarranted return, an aggressive or obscene language in the relationship with the employees of the Online Store, publishing in the public space of comments or negative or unauthorized negative reviews, etc. Abusive Use of the Site gives the Online Store the right to refuse to place or deliver an order and grants the right to disable the account within the store until the termination of this behavior. If you believe that the limitation of the right to place an order is unjustified, please contact by email or by phone the representatives of the Online Store for a possible conciliation. 


Excelexpo products and services 

Products and services provided by Excelexpo SRL are listed and detailed on the website as well as in the presentations / quotations sent to interested clients. The unit price is specified near each product or service: cumulative (for product plus graphics) and broken down (for the product, graphics, graphics reprint, etc.). The products and graphics can be ordered together or separately. The prices for delivery or qualified installation services (if the case) are quoted separately, depending on the order. The prices of the products and services are listed in Ron or Euro, and VAT is not included. The customer can choose to display the prices in Ron by using the site's options. Excelexpo SRL reserves the right to change the prices of the products and services without prior notice according to company management decisions.

To be able to fulfill them, the Order for products and services provided by Excelexpo SRL must contain at least the following information: name, surname/ company name, name of the representative placing the order, delivery address, phone number, email address, invoicing, and order details such as product name, quantity, graphics layout (if the case), requested date for delivery (if the case), etc. After receiving the order, Excelexpo SRL will send you an e-mail requesting the rest of the necessary information (if the case) to be able to fulfill the order or will send you an order confirmation with its details: stock availability and / or production time, payment terms and amount, delivery details, etc. An order is deemed accepted when Excelexpo SRL sends an order confirmation to the client by e-mail, without requiring a confirmation receipt from the latter. Communications needed to find out details about orders are not considered an electronic order confirmation. If Excelexpo SRL does not confirm the order, it is deemed unaccepted.

Some products require an appropriate graphic layout for print production or customization. The layout (if the case) must meet the technical requirements listed in the tab “Graphic Layout” on each product’s page. Additional details can be found by clicking on the link "Graphic Layout" (click on the name to access the section). Also, the Sales Department can send you the technical requirements and the template for the layout.


The layouts can be sent using one of the following ways: 

•   by e-mail (for files up to 10 MB);

•   by a web file hosting service (such as,  etc.) 

Please note the Company and the Product you want to customize in the file name. Also, please mention in the order the way you choose to send the layouts. Due to the risks of computer virus transmission, we are not able to receive layouts by stick USB, external HDD, DVD, CD, etc.

Please consider the following: 

•   Files sent without a previous Order will not be taken into consideration.

•   Excelexpo uses the files only to produce the prints / graphics ordered. Your files are kept up to 30 days from receiving them, after which they will be deleted.

•   Please take into consideration that the colors of the graphics may slightly differ from the colors on your monitor or on other promotional materials, due to factors such as the type of the material to be printed, the ink type, print technology, your monitor calibration, and so on. Therefore, we recommend all clients request in advance a FREE print sample for their approval (the cost of sending the sample is on the client account). The request must be sent together with the order or after, but BEFORE sending the layout. Excelexpo cannot comply with requests received after starting to produce the graphics!

•   Please check carefully the layouts before sending or approving them for print. Sending the layout is your approval that the file is final and correct, complete, and good for printing. Excelexpo cannot be held responsible for the content, the quality, and the resolution of the sent or approved layouts.

•   The client is responsible for compliance with the legal provision of intellectual, industrial, and copyright property rights (invention, innovation, brand, industrial design, logo, name, copyright, etc.) regarding the ordered products and / or their graphics regardless of whether the layout file was designed by the customer, Excelexpo or others.

Excelexpo SRL can use pictures of the provided products or services as examples of customization possibilities in catalogs, brochures, websites, and other advertising materials. If you do not agree that Excelexpo SRL can use names, images, or pictures of the products or services provided to you, please send an e-mail in this respect to

Sometimes, although the products are listed as available on the websites and or on different offers, there is the possibility that the available stock to be diminished or be out of stock when receiving a specific order due to other previously received orders. For this reason, the information regarding the stock is available only when sending the offer and must be reconfirmed later when placing the order. In the case of product non-availability in the requested quantity, Excelexpo will inform the client about the available stock, the time when the product will be available and / or alternative products or services. The Client may accept one of the proposed options or may cancel the Order. Excelexpo cannot be held responsible for any potential direct or indirect losses supported by the Client due to the stock unavailability when placing the Order.

The Client agrees to take the risk of loss and damaging the products at the time of delivery by Excelexpo SRL regardless of the payment, contract conclusion, or the transfer of ownership.
The Client is under the obligation to manipulate and use the products according to instructions received verbally and / or in writing in order to ensure their integrity and quality. Excelexpo SRL cannot be held liable for any damage or loss derived from incorrect handling, transportation, storage, installation, or use.




On the website you can discover several categories of price reductions, some permanent and others valid in certain time intervals:

•   If you purchase products whose value exceeds a certain level, we offer the following volume reductions applicable to the prices displayed on the site:

•   5% discount for orders over 500 Euro + VAT;

•   10% discount for orders over 2000 Euro + VAT;

•   20% discount for orders over 5000 Euro + VAT.

•   If you purchase products with delivery within the municipality of Bucharest whose value exceeds the amount of 50 Euro + VAT, you will not be required to pay delivery fees.

•   Periodic promotions: products from certain categories can be made available for a limited period of time with various discounts between 5-50%. The discount granted, the products or the category of products to which it refers as well as the period for which the products are offered at a reduced price will be mentioned on the website

•   Other discounts: Excelexpo may also grant other discounts/prizes at random, such as: for subscription to the Newsletter, for account creation, for granting reviews, for loyalty, etc. The discount granted, the products or the category of products to which it refers as well as the period for which the products are offered at a reduced price will be mentioned on the website


All discounts are granted subject to the availability of the stock. Excelexpo reserves the right to extend or shorten the period of an offer without prior notice depending on stock availability. If the date until which an offer is valid is not specified, it is valid until the stock is exhausted.


How to place an order, invoicing and payment options 

This Online Store is intended exclusively for the delivery of products and / or services to legal entities, individuals, authorized individuals, individual enterprises, or family businesses. At the moment of delivery, a person aged 18 or over representing the natural or legal person, will sign for all products shipped.


The Online Store receives orders placed online during the entire day, every day of the week. Orders placed by phone or e-mail are received on working days between 9.00 - 17.30. Orders placed on non-working or holiday days will be processed within two business days from the date of re-opening.


The prerequisite for placement of the online order is filling in the form of all requested data for the delivery and generating the fiscal invoice or the receipt. To place the order, choose the Products, select the configuration, the options, and the quantity, then go to "Add to Cart" and continue the order placement procedure by selecting the different options. By the time the Product Selection is confirmed with the "Order Completion" and "Make Payment" keys, the customer has the possibility to make changes regarding the Products in the order as well as the data for delivery and billing. The Client's confirmation of the order by selecting the "Make Payment" key is the acceptance of the obligation to pay the Product's price and the delivery costs as the customer is directly informed of before the order confirmation.


For Romanian companies, the invoicing and payment for the products and services are made in Ron. The prices listed on the website or in commercial quotations in Euro will be converted into Ron at the official BNR (NBR) exchange rate, valid at the date of the invoice.  
For companies outside Romania, the invoicing and payment of the products and services is made in Euro.
According to art. 197 of Directive 2006/112 EC, the supply of goods for EU legal entities is subject to the reverse charge provisions if the company based in the European Union has a valid VAT number and the delivery address is outside Romania. If your company meets the legal requirements, the value of your order will be subject to the reverse charge and the invoice shall be VAT excluded. If this is the case, please send us your order at and we will send you a proforma invoice accordingly.


Payment of the products shall be made at the latest at the time of delivery by one of the following: 

•   online by credit card processed by EuroPayment Services SRL ( and Paypal (

• bank/wire transfer in advance on the proforma/fiscal invoice. For orders from Romania, the invoice is made in Ron at the NBR exchange rate available at the date of issuing the invoice. 

•   Cash on delivery/receipt or cash to the courier. The maximum daily limit for cash payments is 1000 Ron per customer, in compliance with the regulations in force. This payment option is available for delivery in Romania. For cash to courier payment, a fee of 5 Euro + VAT is applied.

•   online payment from a PayPal account. This payment option is available for companies outside Romania and the payment is made in Euro.

•   a promissory note or check with the date of payment up to 30 days. This payment option is available for constant Romanian companies with no defaults.


For certain customized or on-order basis products, we may request a 40% advance payment at the time of the order, prior to launching the order in production.


Where the payments are in a different currency than the settlement, the Client's bank will make the currency exchange. Any commissions or exchange rate conversions applied by the Client's bank are under the Client’s responsibility.


Excelexpo may cancel Customer's Order following a prior notice to the Customer without any subsequent obligation of any party or without any party claiming the other damages in the following cases:

•   non-acceptance by the issuing bank of the Client's card or transaction for online payment;

•   invalidation of the transaction by the card processor agreed by the online store for online payment;

•   the information provided by the Customer / User is incomplete and/or incorrect;

•   other cases independent of Excelexpo S.R.L.


Terms and conditions of delivery

The products are available for delivery after the date of their completion. Estimated production time is mentioned both in the offer and on the website, on the product page in the “Production time" field. The exact production time is mentioned in the order confirmation received from Excelexpo.


In Bucharest, Excelexpo delivers on the next working day from the date of the products' completion (or at a future date as requested by the customer no later than 10 days from the date of the completion). 

In Romania outside the Bucharest municipality, Excelexpo delivers the products to the courier company after the date of their completion (or at a future date as requested by the customer no later than 10 days from the date of the completion) to be shipped to the customer in 1-2 working days from the date of completion of the products according to the terms of the courier company.

In the European Union, the estimated delivery time is 3 - 6 working days from the date of completion of the products depending on the country of destination. In other countries, the delivery time is mentioned in the order confirmation received from Excelexpo.

Unless the parties have agreed otherwise as to the time of delivery, delivery of the goods and/or services shall be made without undue delay and, in any event, no later than 30 calendar days after the conclusion of the contract, at the Seller's place of business or at the location indicated by the Buyer. 


The delivery term is an estimate and can be extended, in exceptional cases, generated by events independent of Excelexpo S.R.L. or busy periods, holidays, Black Friday campaigns, etc. If, for reasons not attributable to Excelexpo, the delivery cannot be made on the estimated date, it will be postponed to a later date. The delivery can be made during a working day, in the time interval 09.00 - 17.30. Neither Excelexpo nor the courier company can ensure / guarantee delivery on a certain day or at a certain time and does not assume responsibility for any kind of material, image, or any other kind of loss that could arise from the delivery delay. 


The client can pick up the ordered products from the Excelexpo location, either directly or by their own courier company, during working hours (L-V: 09:00 – 17:30). The ordered products can be collected after the products' completion no later than 10 days from thereof. After this period, Excelexpo may charge the customer with a storage fee amounting to 0,1% of the value of the products not collected, for each day of delay. After a period of 60 days, if the products have not been collected, Excelexpo may dispense them and hand them over to the recycling companies, without the possibility of recovering them. 


Collecting the products from the Excelexpo location by its own courier company implies that the customers place the order with its own courier company. Excelexpo cannot place orders to third-party courier companies. In such situations, the customer cannot choose payment on delivery and some additional options may not be available such as opening the package at delivery, delivery on Saturdays, insurance of fragile packages, and so on. In such situations, the customer takes the risk of damage to the fragile packages, if insuring the package option is not available at the courier.


The delivery will be carried out by an Excelexpo employee or by a courier company.

Excelexpo provides delivery services under the conditions that the client provides in advance all the necessary information such as delivery address, contact person, telephone number, etc., and the presence at the delivery location of a representative who can take over and make the reception of the ordered products. 

For deliveries carried out by an Excelexpo employee, the qualitative and quantitative reception, the presentation of products / services as well as the assembly / disassembly tests will be carried out upon delivery time in the presence of the Client or its representative. Excelexpo does not take any subsequent responsibility for the products (except the justified warranty claims).

For deliveries carried out by a courier company, Excelexpo will pack the ordered products in a bubble folio, plastic stretch film, or a plastic bag, plus cardboard (depending on the case). If a different kind of packaging is expected, the Client must request it at the time of order placing, it will be charged extra and will be taken into account in the process of bidding and billing if accepted by Excelexpo.

Please check carefully at the time of receiving, the integrity of the packages delivered by courier. Customer satisfaction is very important to us. Therefore, we carefully check all products to be sent by courier and we thoroughly ensure integrity and compliance. However, sometimes, some products may arrive at the destination hit or damaged for reasons beyond Excelexpo. In such situations, at the receiving time please write down any damaged or damaged parcels on the AWB (the receipt of the expedition) or on a separate paper and refuse to receive the products, return them, and do not pay for the delivery (if the case). For orders containing multiple packages, finding that one of them is damaged and deciding to refuse the order implies returning the entire order meaning all packages. Receiving the products and / or signing the receiving receipt for the damaged packages makes it impossible for us to solve such problems with the courier company and therefore any subsequent claims will be disregarded.

When the packages were received in good condition, please check the conformity of the received products within 24 hours from the receipt time mentioned on the receipt of the expedition. Please report in writing any nonconformity, discrepancies, defects, etc. After 24 hours, if the Client has not reported any nonconformity, Excelexpo considers that the products are consistent with Orde and in the appropriate quantity and quality. Excelexpo does not accept any subsequent claim made in this regard (except for the justified warranty claims).


In the case of an unsuccessful attempt of delivery for reasons attributable to the customer including but not limited to wrong address, the absence of the customer representative on the premises, the impossibility of establishing contact on the telephone, the customer's refusal to make the reception of the products or to sign the accompanying documents and so on, Excelexpo shall be exempted from the obligation to make the delivery and takes no responsibility for any damages of material, image or any other nature that may result from this. In such circumstances, Excelexpo shall not return any amounts paid for the delivery. The products ordered shall be available for collection at Excelexpo's premises between working hours, for a period not exceeding 10 days after the completion of the products.  After this period, Excelexpo may charge the customer with a storage fee amounting to 0,1% of the value of the products not collected, for each day of delay. After a period of 60 days, if the products have not been collected, Excelexpo may dispense them and hand them over to the recycling companies, without the possibility of recovering them. A new delivery may be provided at the Client's expense at a later date when it is possible for both parties. 


The delivery fee is at the courier company rate. For orders placed on the website, the delivery fee is automatically calculated depending on the weight, after the delivery address is filled in. For orders placed by e-mail or by telephone, the fee will be communicated in the offer or in the order confirmation.
In Bucharest, eXcelexpo delivers free-of-charge orders exceeding 50 Euro + VAT.


For the rented products, the delivery fee applies for round-trip deliveries.


Excelexpo ensures one delivery to a single address per order or invoice. For deliveries to multiple addresses per order, please contact the Sales Department at email: or at phone: +4 021.425.8981.
Excelexpo accepts requests for postponement or cancellation of delivery if they are made at least one working day before the date scheduled for delivery / delivery to the courier.
In case of the cancellation of an order in accordance with the above provisions, Excelexpo will refund the collected value of the delivery service, except for the bank charges. The reimbursement of the due amounts shall be made within five working days.
In case of the postponement or cancellation of an order outside the period mentioned above, Excelexpo cannot return any collected value for the delivery service. A new delivery may be provided at the Client's expense at a later date when it is possible for both parties. 


More details about Excelexpo delivery service can be found following the link "Terms and conditions of Excelexpo delivery services" (click on the name to access the section). Requesting the delivery service represents your acceptance of Excelexpo Delivery terms. 


Qualified installation services

Some eXcelexpo products may require qualified installation services in order to be used according to the purpose they were produced. The products that require qualified installation services can include, but are not limited to: lightboxes, notice boards, direction systems, volumetric logos, customized forex walls, polypropylene posters, TRUSS systems, exhibition stands, cars branding, banners installation, various stickers installation, installation of the rented audio-video equipment, etc. 


Unless otherwise provided, the qualified assembly service is not included in the price of the products. Selling the products that may require installation involves no obligation for Excelexpo to provide the qualified assembly service. However, at the customer's request, Excelexpo may provide qualified installation services at the customer's expense at a later date after the products' completion. To find out the date of the products' completion, please consult the "Production Time" field on the product page and the order confirmation received from Excelexpo.


The installation can be made only after placing the order and completing the products. The date for the installation will be scheduled in advance, on a working day agreed upon by both the Client and the representative of Excelexpo.

Excelexpo does not provide installation at a certain time; the installation can be done throughout a working day, between working hours 09.00-17.30. Installation in a certain time frame or avoiding a certain time frame does not constitute in any way an obligation for Excelexpo or its employees. In situations where for reasons not attributable to Excelexpo, the installation cannot be completed or performed on the established date, it will be postponed for a later date. Excelexpo does not accept any responsibility for damages of material, image, or any other nature that may result from it.

Excelexpo can provide the qualified assembly service only under the condition of prior communication by the Customer of the necessary information such as delivery address, contact person, telephone number, etc.


Excelexpo provides qualified installation services if the customer fulfills the following conditions at the location:

•   The presence of a representative who can supply the necessary information for the installation and can make the reception of the ordered products and the installation services.

•   The location of the installation is indoors, in covered premises, away from dust, moisture, wind, and outside weather except otherwise agreed.

•   The premises of the installation are empty at the arrival of the installation team,

•   The elements on which the products will be installed are at the location at the time scheduled for installation.

•   The customer provides Excelexpo team parking close to the access path of the location.

•   The customer provides safe access to the team at the location. The installation team will not go or carry the products if the access way is not appropriate (narrow spaces, narrow staircases, long distance between the parking and the place of delivery, and so on) nor if their bodily integrity is endangered (building construction, stairs or terraces without banisters, bridges, so on),

•   The customer ensures that the products fit the access doors and the premises where the installation will take place.

•   Where self-adhesive foil applies, the surfaces undergoing the application of the self-adhesive are cleaned, degreased, and without roughness.

•   The products to be installed will be positioned in safe areas, away from people or objects, at a reasonable height and distance from people or other objects in order to avoid interaction in any way.

•   Where the products are to be hung on the wall, the customer informed Excelexpo at the time of the order regarding the wall structure, type, and height so as to check if the mounting is possible. Certain products having a big weight are not eligible for installation on a plasterboard wall.

•   Any changes in the configuration of the installation were sent at least one working day before the date scheduled for the installation.


Excelexpo does not provide the following services:

•   Connection of electric products to the electricity grid. The customer must ensure the availability of the sockets and/or the electrical extension cords that connect the products and their compliance with the legal provisions regarding the safety usage (e.g. they are to be provided with grounding, must have no damages, improvisations, multiple appliances will not be connected to one source, so on). It is advisable that during the use, the electrical products be monitored continuously, at all time,s and disconnected from the electric grid at night or when left unattended;

•   The cleaning of the premises after the qualified installation services are provided.


Excelexpo recommends that metallic products, signage boards, info systems, and all products weighing more than 5Kg to be secured to the wall or to the floor for greater stability. Excelexpo assumes no responsibility regarding the quality and resistance of the elements from the premises that are used to perform the installation, such as but not limited to: walls, columns, floors, plaster, decorative paints, electrical installations, etc.

Qualitative and quantitative reception, the presentation of products/services, as well as the assembly / disassembly tests will be carried out upon delivery / installation time, in the presence of the Client or its representative. Excelexpo does not take any subsequent responsibility for the products except for the justified warranty claims.


The consumer (individual) benefiting from qualified installation services confirms that he has acknowledged that services provided in full with his prior express consent are exempted from the right of withdrawal. 

In case of an unsuccessful attempt of installation for reasons attributable to the customer including but not limited to wrong address, the absence of the customer representative on the premises, the impossibility to establish contact on the telephone, the customer's refusal or inability to give the necessary information, the customer's refusal to make the reception of the products or the installation services or to sign the accompanying documents, failure to comply with the above conditions regarding the qualified assembly service in good conditions, the absence from the location of the goods needed to make installation with and so on. Excelexpo shall be exempt from the obligation to make the installation and does not assume any liability whatsoever for any material loss, loss of image, or of any other nature that may result therefrom. In such circumstances, Excelexpo will not return the amounts paid for the installation or displacement. 

If the products related to that order have not been collected by the customer, they will be available for the customer at Excelexpo's premises between working hours not later than 10 days after the completion of the products. After this date, Excelexpo will charge a storage fee of 0.1% per day of the value of unclaimed products and can store them at the client's expense and risk. New delivery or installation can be rescheduled at a later date at the customer's expense, with the consent of both parties to the extent possible. 

The surcharge for the qualified assembly service will be determined in advance by the representative Excelexpo depending on the location, nature, duration, and complexity of the work. For the premises outside Bucharest, a travel fare will be established. Both quotations will be communicated to the customer. The order for the qualified installation services is considered accepted only after the express client's approval of the two quotations and the payment by one of the payment methods accepted by Excelexpo.

Excelexpo performs the qualified installation service related to one order / invoice only once and at a single address. For installation to multiple addresses, please contact Excelexpo sales representative for a quotation.


Excelexpo accepts requests for postponement or cancellation of a qualified installation service order if they are made at least one working day before the date scheduled for the installation for Bucharest / three working days for locations outside Bucharest.
In case the cancellation of an order is made in accordance with the above provisions, Excelexpo will refund the collected value of the qualified installation service order and travel fare except for the bank charges and expenses already made in preparation for the installation service which might include but not limited to the purchase of materials and supplies, the graphics/ prints, acquisition of the services required to prepare the installation, etc. The reimbursement of the due amounts shall be made within five working days.
In case of the postponement or cancellation of an order outside the period mentioned above, Excelexpo will not return the collected value for the qualified installation service and the travel fare. An order for the qualified assembly service (after canceling a previous order) will be considered a new order and will be treated separately.


More details about Excelexpo's qualified installation service can be found following the link "Qualified installation services terms" (click on the name to access the section).


Requesting a qualified installation service represents your acceptance of Excelexpo's qualified installation services terms. For a price quotation please contact us.


Product compliance 


Products / Services provided by Excelexpo SRL do not endanger life, health, occupational safety, and environmental protection and comply with conformity requirements as appropriate if they are installed, used, maintained, or provided, as appropriate, according to their intended purpose and the instructions for use and safety are observed.

Where the provided products and / or services do not comply with the order, the Client has the right not to accept and return the order and give the reasons for his decision by email at


The customer can return the product within 24 months upon receipt for defects and inconsistencies that were not visible / obvious at the time of receiving the order with the obligation to inform Excelexpo SRL about it in 2 months’ time and motivate its decision by emailing us at Excelexpo SRL will examine the product and will reply within 15 days of the receipt of the returned product. After the 2-month period, if the Client did not send a written claim about nonconformities, Excelexpo SRL considers the products / services were delivered / provided in the appropriate quantity and quality and they are in compliance with the order. Excelexpo SRL does not accept any subsequent complaints in this regard except for the justified warranty claims. 

Where unreasonable claims are made, unreceived orders, or unclaimed packages, Excelexpo SRL reserves the right to refuse future orders from that Customer.  


Return policy


According to the in-force legal regulations, the consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract without specifying the reasons within 14 calendar days if the following conditions are met cumulatively:

•   the consumer is an individual or an association of individuals as defined in Art. 2, point 2 of the Government Ordinance no. 21/1992 regarding Consumer Protection, republished, including the subsequent amendments and supplements,

•   products have been purchased through a Distance Contract (website order, telephonic order, etc.). Products purchased at the premises are not subject to the right to withdraw.

•   products have not been personalized according to the consumer's needs and / or specifications,

•   products are in the same condition as they were received, 

•   if they have been tested by the customer, products are clean upon return,

•   if several products of the same kind are to be returned, only one unsealed product is accepted; the other products should be sealed to be accepted,

•   products are accompanied by the accessories / gifts they were received with,

•   the return is made with the intact and original labels, the original warranty certificate (if issued by the manufacturer / distributor), and all the documents the products were received with,

•   as products and parts made of Plexiglas are by nature likely to deteriorate rapidly; they can only be returned if they have not been used and have no wear marks,

•   products such as bulbs, lanterns, cord extensions, plugs, batteries, accumulators and chargers, etc. can only be returned if they are sealed,

•   we do not accept the return of products that have been unauthorized tampered with, which bears excessive wear, scratches, bumps, mechanical / electrical shocks, or lacks accessory,

•   the return request was sent before the expiration of the withdrawal period. 


In accordance with the provisions of Article 16 of Government Ordinance No. 34 on consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals, as well as for the modification and completion of some normative acts, the following are exempted from the right of withdrawal ...:

- contracts for [...] services, after the services have been provided in full and, where the contract gives rise to a payment obligation for the consumer, if performance has begun with the consumer's express prior consent and after the consumer has confirmed that he has become aware that he will lose his right of withdrawal after full performance of the contract by the trader;

- provision of goods or services whose price depends on fluctuations in the financial market which the trader cannot control and which may occur during the withdrawal period;

- the supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized. Goods made to the customer's specifications means any goods that are not prefabricated, made on the basis of individual choice or the customer's decision.

- supply of goods that are likely to deteriorate or expire quickly;

- the supply of sealed goods which cannot be returned for health protection or hygiene reasons and which have been unsealed by the consumer;

- the supply of goods which, after delivery, are, according to their nature, inseparably mixed with other items;

- the supply of sealed audio or video recordings which have been unsealed after delivery;

- contracts where the consumer has specifically requested the trader to come to his home to carry out urgent repair or maintenance work;

- the supply of transport services for goods;

- contracts concluded in the framework of an auction.



The withdrawal period expires after 14 days starting with:

•   the day of the conclusion of the contract (in the case of a service contract) or 

•   the day the consumer or a third party (other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer) receives the goods (in the case of a sales contract), or

•   the day the consumer or a third party (other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer) receives the last good (in the case of a multiple goods contract which is delivered in multiple lots); or

•   the day the consumer or a third party (other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer) receives the last batch or the last piece (in the case of a multiple parts / batches product contract); or

•   the day the consumer or a third party (other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer) receives the first good (in the case of a periodic delivery contract, for a specified period of time).



If you want to use your right of withdrawal and return a product, you must inform us about your withdrawal decision by post or by email. In this regard, you can use the Product return form available here. Alternatively, you can fill in and submit the Product return form available here on our website or any other unequivocal statement containing your withdrawal decision. If you use this option, we will send you without delay on a durable medium such as e-mail, the confirmation of your withdrawal request.



In order to comply with the withdrawal deadline, it is required to send us your withdrawal decision before the expiry of the withdrawal period. Also, the products must be returned within 14 days from the date of notification of your withdrawal decision.


If you withdraw from the contract, we will refund any amount we have received from you including delivery costs (except for the difference between the expensive delivery option chosen by the client - if the case and the standard delivery option provided by Excelexpo), without undue delay and not later than 14 calendar days from the date on which we are informed of your decision to withdraw from this contract. We will refund the amount you paid using the same payment method as the one used for your initial transaction unless you have expressly agreed to another refund method. In any case, you will not be charged any fees for the refund.


Goods ordered on the eXcelexpo website can only be sent by courier, the cost of returning the goods will be borne by the consumer and will be in accordance with the rates charged by courier companies. Goods ordered cannot be returned by post. We may postpone the refund until the date we receive back the goods that were the subject of the sale and check them or until you have provided us the proof that you have returned the products, either date is nearest.



1. The costs of returning the goods to the Excelexpo address are the responsibility of the buyer.

2. The consumer is responsible for the diminishing value of the goods resulting from the wear that occurs when the consumer handles and tests the products (other than natural wear that appeared when the buyer verifies the nature, characteristics, and correct operation of the products) and acknowledges that this value will be deducted from the refunded amount. Checking the returned products and assessment of their diminished value will be made by Excelexpo after receiving the products.

3. The consumer confirms that he has acknowledged that goods made to its specifications or customized and services provided entirely with its express prior consent are exempted from the right of withdrawal. 

4. The consumer confirms that he has acknowledged that the provision of digital content delivered with his prior express consent, is exempted from the right of withdrawal.  





Any Product or Service provided by Excelexpo may be the subject of a complaint subject to the terms and conditions of the complaint established by law. Claims may be sent by email, to the address in the CONTACT section, or by filling in the form available on the website (click on the name to access it).


Upon receipt, Excelexpo will investigate the elements indicated in the complaint and will seek solutions to solve the problems reported in the shortest possible time and / or to eliminate the shortcomings reported by the Customers. The Client will be informed of the solution within 14 days from the day following the receipt of the complaint.


In case of non-compliance, the Client has the right to the following claims according to the legislation in force:

•   request repair (removal of defects) or replacement of faulty products with another defect-free product, or

•   request to cancel the Contract or a reduction of the price of the non-compliant Products where the Store does not replace the faulty goods or does not remove the defect urgently and without major inconveniences for the Customer.


In the event that the complaint is not approved, the products will be returned together with a report regarding the unjustified claim.

In the event that the Customer acknowledges any impairment of the Products during the transport, it is recommended to draw up a damage report in the presence of the courier.



Excelexpo’s commercialized products show an average duration of use between 3-12 months depending on the support-material features. The warranty period is calculated from the date of the fiscal invoice and differs depending on the product category as follows:


Product categories

Average usage duration

Warranty period (months)

Stands and products which have at least one metallic component

12 months

12 months

Products and electronic/electric components that function with batteries or power supply

12 months

12 months

Flexible materials, rigid materials, and combinations of these materials

3 months

12 months (only for print fading)

The provided warranty does not affect the consumer’s rights according to the applicable in-force legislation on the sale of products and their associated warranties.

Providing the product’s warranty is free of charge at the Excelexpo S.R.L location, during working hours (L-V: 09.00-12.00 and 12.30-17.30), during working days. To benefit from the warranty, the damaged product must be sent to the seller’s location accompanied by the warranty certificate and a copy of the fiscal invoice. The product will be sent in the original package (or similar) to ensure its integrity during transportation and it will be accompanied by all the accessories.

Excelexpo will have the right to repair or replace the product (or the component part in the cause). Excelexpo takes responsibility only for repairing or replacing the product. Bringing to the state of compliance will start initially by repairing within a maximum of 15 days from the product reception date by the seller. If the long-term usage products are damaged within the legal warranty period and cannot be repaired or the cumulated duration of non-operation (due to deficiencies appeared within the legal warranty period) exceeds 10% of the warranty period, on the consumer’s request, the product will be replaced or the Seller will refund the consumer the value paid for that product. The non-operation time due to lack of conformity which appears within the warranty period will extend the legal warranty period and starts from the moment the product is presented to the seller/service location until the product is brought to the normal operation state. Long-term usage products that replace the damaged products in the warranty period will benefit from a new warranty period that starts from the product’s exchange date. 

The beneficiary will be responsible for supplying the electronic/electric equipment with batteries or connecting them to a grounded power outlet (depending on the case) and will be responsible for their supervision throughout their operation. 

In case of unjustified demands of warranty, Excelexpo will reserve the right to request the equivalent of investigation costs of the product claimed to be damaged, to the buyer.

Exclusions and limitations

The following categories of products do not benefit from the warranty: products and displays made 100% of plastic, plastic components of all products, customized products, prints, customization, printings, promotional objects, accessories, breakable parts, electric materials consumables (such as lightbulbs, neon, LEDs, etc.), packages, laminating services, cutter plotter cutting, router cutting, sticking, finishing, renting stands or audio-video equipment and any other services, etc.

Wear appeared due to normal use, which does not affect the functionality of the products and is not covered by the warranty. The warranty does not cover the absence of any accessory or a part of a product if the claim appears after the product’s receipt.

The warranty is lost when any of the conditions below are fulfilled (separate or cumulative):

•    the expiry of the warranty period specific to the product category; 
•    the buyer fails to comply with the verbal or written instructions regarding the use, installing, mounting, transport, manipulation, maintenance, storage/depositing conditions; 
•  the products show defects caused by physical or thermal shocks, inappropriate operating conditions, increased humidity and/or heat conditions, the use in areas with sudden changes in temperature, in places with vibrations, dust, smoke or chemical/toxic substances, negligence, intentional damage, battering, manipulation, transport or defective storing; 
•    the use of products outside of the buildings or covered precinct (except for the products made for outside use); 
•    electric discharges or power voltage variations or connecting to an inappropriate voltage power outlet; 
•    modification or intervention to products by persons unauthorized by Excelexpo; 
•    the use of the products in other ways or conditions except for the ones they were made for; 
•    the total price of the products was not paid in full until the due date.

Excelexpo does not take responsibility for any delays or failure to fulfill any obligation in relation to its products which are the subject of a request for a warranty, where the delays or failure is due to factors that are not within its control.
Excelexpo will not be held responsible for reasons of representation (image), for any direct or indirect loss or damage (either through profit losses or otherwise), costs, expenses, or compensation requests of any kind (regardless of whether they are caused by the company’s negligence, its employees, third parties, agents or otherwise) and for any damages suffered resulting from or in connection with its products which are the subject of a warranty request.

The warranty for Excelexpo products is valid within Romania.

More details about the warranty terms can be found by following the link "Excelexpo Warranty Certificate" (click on the name to access the section). You can also download the instructions for use and the warranty of Excelexpo products here (click on the name for download).


Transfer of property ownership


The ownership of the Products will be transferred upon delivery, after the payment is done, in the location indicated in the Order (delivery means hereof: the signature of receipt of the transport document provided by the courier or on the fiscal invoice where the deliveries are made by Excelexpo personnel, if applicable).


Limitation of Liability

The website may contain links to other websites and / or other web pages not owned by Excelexpo SRL. Excelexpo SRL is not liable in any way for the content of these websites and therefore it cannot be held responsible for the content, advertising, goods, services, software, information, or other materials available on or through these websites, for the respective sites the responsibility is borne entirely by their owners. Excelexpo SRL will not be responsible for the loss of personal data, for any negative effects on the personal data of the visitors, or for other moral and / or patrimonial damages caused by the access to the respective sites.


Although all efforts have been undertaken, it is possible that information, description, and features of the products may contain omissions or errors. Excelexpo SRL will not be held responsible for errors arising on the website for any reason, including but not limited to typing errors, loss of information, changes, settings, upgrades, etc. Excelexpo SRL does not guarantee that the product description on the website is complete or error-free. Pictures of the products on the website are for presentation purposes. The purchased products may be slightly different from the pictures and descriptions on this website. If you identify an error please let us know at
Excelexpo SRL grants the users limited access to this website and does not grant the right to change part or all of the site, to fully or partially reproduce the site, copy, sell / resell, or exploit the website in any other manner, for commercial purposes or against the interests of Excelexpo SRL, without its written approval. The user uses and on his risk. In no case, Excelexpo SRL, its employees, and the members of its network, individually or together, cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect losses, that may result from using or accessing / visiting the website, using information from the website, using the products and services after delivery, the loss of the products, the occurrence of technical errors, human errors or other such cases, any other material damages, loss of data or programs, financial losses or any other damages resulting from the access or use of this website or any websites that are related to it, situations in which the Client has the right not to place orders on the Site without being able to claim damages or other damages due to the information provided. Website content is presented without any warranty of any kind. Excelexpo SRL shall not be liable for damage caused by malfunction of the website as well as those resulting from the failure to access it at a certain time or certain links accessible from the website.


Excelexpo SRL does not guarantee the availability of the listed products. For updated information and commercial offers, we recommend contacting us by any of the means detailed in the Contact section.

Where the prices or other details regarding the Products / promotions were displayed incorrectly including due to the fact that they were entered incorrectly in the database, Excelexpo reserves the right to cancel the delivery of the respective Product and to inform the client about the error by phone or email in the shortest time. In this situation, a representative of Excelexpo will send you the new price of the Product and you will decide whether or not you want to buy the Product at the right price.

The characteristics of the products displayed on the website are provided / made available by manufacturers and / or suppliers and the Online Store will not be liable for the accuracy of this information if they have been provided incorrectly by the manufacturers and / or suppliers.

The prices of the Products on this Website are informative and may undergo unannounced changes. The promotions presented on the site are valid during the mentioned time period. If no time period is mentioned, they are valid within the limits of the available stocks. All Products presented on this Site are available within the limits of the physical stock available. Where a product is unavailable, the representative of the Online Store will offer alternatives by presenting other products similar in appearance and technical specifications to the Ordered Product whose stock has run out.

The images are presented on the Website by way of example and the Products delivered may differ from the images in any way due to the modification of the features, or the design without prior notification by the manufacturers.

A pre-order product is a product to be launched and purchased before launch. The supplier reserves the right to change the release date without prior notice. The pre-order products are added to the shopping cart in the same way as any other product in the online store. By making a pre-order, you make sure you receive the product immediately after launch and that you will benefit from a very good price. The products on the pre-order will be delivered according to the provisions regarding the delivery. Pre-orders are paid in the same way as a normal order by any of the accepted payment methods. In any of the situations (payment upon delivery or online payment), a confirmation by telephone or email is needed from an operator when the Product becomes available.


Excelexpo reserves the right to complete and modify any information on the Site.


Any problem caused by the Products and / or Services displayed on the Site will be amicably solved within 15 working days from the date of the written notification of the problems by the User.

Excelexpo is not responsible for any loss, costs, processes, claims, expenses, or other liabilities if these are caused directly by the non-observance of the Terms and Conditions.

Excelexpo is not responsible for the damages created as a result of the failure of the Site as well as from the inability to access certain links published on the Site.

By creating and using the Account, the User / Client assumes the responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of the Account data (user and password) and for managing the access of the Account, and, to the extent permitted by the legislation in force, is liable for the activity carried out through his Account.

The Online Store, its partners, or its users cannot be held responsible for any delay or error in the execution of the contractual obligations or in the content provided on our site, resulting directly or indirectly from causes that do not depend on the will of the parties. This exemption includes, but is not limited to: errors in the operation of the technical equipment, lack of internet connection, lack of telephone connections, computer viruses, unauthorized access to the store's systems, operating errors, strikes, etc.

In certain situations, access to the products and services presented on the site may be subject to restrictions. Due to the fact that the company managing this site operates in Romania, we suggest consulting the legislation of the country of origin if you are in another country, Excelexpo SRL shall not be held liable in this case. The terms presented on the Site and / or in the presentations and the commercial offers are estimative, Excelexpo SRL cannot be held responsible for non-compliance or any damages that may result in conjunction with the Products' delivery.



The content of the site: images, texts, web design, scripts, software, design rights, model rights, patents, and trademarks are solely the property of Excelexpo SRL and/or its suppliers and it is protected under Copyright Law and the Laws on Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights. The name and the graphic format/eXcelexpo logo are trademarks of Excelexpo SRL and are protected by Copyright Law and the Laws on Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights. 

Excelexpo SRL guarantees the User limited access to the websites and for personal interest (placing online orders or information) and does not allow the right to download, to change in part or the entire site, to copy, sell / resell or exploit in any other way for purposes or contrary to the interests of the company without prior written agreement from Excelexpo SRL

Reproduction, storage, modification in whole or in part, imitation, or use without the prior written consent of Excelexpo SRL of the Sites, domain, brand, graphic format / logo, or the name "Excelexpo" and any elements derived therefrom are strictly prohibited and punishable under in-force laws. The user has the obligation to respect all the intellectual property rights provided by the legislation in force. As a User, you are in full agreement with the above.


Information on waste from electrical and electronic equipment


Any legal person, as well as any natural person using electrical and electronic equipment (EEE), has an active role in protecting the environment. Thus, each of us has the obligation to actively contribute to the reuse, recycling, and other forms of recovery of EEE.

At the end of their operating life, the appliances used become waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Randomly disposed of or improperly treated WEEE is dangerous because it contains toxic substances such as mercury, lead, chromium, or cadmium. These are harmful to both the environment and humans and can cause serious health conditions.

In order to protect the environment, revalue resources, and educate users, the Romanian legislation on the correct management of WEEE (Emergency Ordinance no. 5/2015 on waste electrical and electronic equipment) provides sanctions for any natural or legal person who throws at waste WEEE instead of handing it over to specially arranged collectors or collection centers.

Any used electrical or electronic equipment can be brought to our office at the time you purchase new products in the same category. According to Emergency Ordinance no. 5/2015, when supplying a new electrical product, at the request of the buyer, Excelexpo is obliged to take WEEE in the system "one by one", free of charge, if the equipment is of equivalent type and has fulfilled the same functions as the new equipment provided and inform the buyer about this possibility before purchasing the product.

The symbol with the trash can found on the electronic equipment and on its packaging indicates that the equipment must be collected separately from household waste. Integrated batteries can be handed over for recycling together with WEEE.





If you notice that copyright has been infringed in any way, the products received are counterfeit or infringe on the trademark rights, please let us know by e-mail: and we will respond within 5 business days.




In case of dissatisfaction with the Products or Services offered by Excelexpo S.R.L. please email us at Any conflict between the Customer and the Online Store is tried to be resolved amicably by agreement between the two parties. In case the conflict has not been resolved amicably, the competence rests with the Romanian Courts from Bucharest according to the legislation in force.


Force Majeure

Neither party shall be liable for the failure of its obligations if such failure is due to an event of force majeure in accordance with the law.


Other terms


These terms and conditions represent the entire agreement between you and Excelexpo S.R.L. and are completed by the following provisions regarding the sale-purchase contract.

Excelexpo S.R.L. periodically verifies the accuracy of the information on the Site but does not offer any guarantee, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, regarding the content and availability of the site. The photographs of the Products displayed on the Site are for information purposes and these may contain accessories not included in the packages the price or some specifications may be modified by the manufacturer without notice or there may be operating errors. In the case of online payments, the Store is not/cannot be held liable for any additional costs incurred by the Customer including but not limited to currency conversion commissions applied by the issuing bank of its card, where the issuing currency differs from RON. The Client is responsible for this action.


This Contract is governed by Romanian law. By submitting an Order, the Customer agrees that the Romanian laws will govern all transactions concluded with Excelexpo SRL. Any disagreements that may arise regarding this contract will be settled amicably and if the parties do not agree, the disputes will be submitted to the competent courts in Bucharest. The supply of products and services provided by Excelexpo SRL as well as their invoicing is limited to the EU and SEE territory and Excelexpo SRL can refuse the delivery of products and services outside this territory.

All information used to describe the goods and/or services available on the Site (static / dynamic images / multimedia presentations / etc.) does not represent a contractual obligation on the Seller's behalf, these being used exclusively for presentation purposes.


These terms and conditions enter into force on the date of the order confirmation by Excelexpo S.R.L. and unless otherwise provided by the parties, they shall remain valid until the date of order delivery.


No Content transmitted to the Customer or user by any means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.) or acquired through access, visit, and/or visualization does not constitute a contractual obligation on the part of the Online Store and/or of the company employee / manager which mediated the transfer of the Content, if it exists, with respect to that content.


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