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Frequent Questions


 1. How can I place an order?

 You can order eXcelexpo products or services choosing one of the following options:  

•   send us your order by e-mail to mentioning the following information: contact data, invoicing data, delivery address, the name / code of the products and the quantities you want to order, information regarding the layout sending (if applicable). 

•   placing your order on our website following the instructions and filling in the form (registration is recommendable but not mandatory).   


2. Can I see the products before buying / ordering? 

Of course! We encourage and recommend to all of our clients a meeting where we can identify together the needs for presentation products and they can see the products. You can find us in 76, Drumul Cretestilor Street, sector 4, Bucharest, Romania, from Monday to Friday between 09:00 - 17:30. Here you can find the most requested stands. For the rest of them, we recommend a previous telephonic reservation, to get the required stand at our showroom.


3. How do you deliver the products? 

In Romania, the delivery will be carried out by an Excelexpo employee or by the courier company. Excelexpo is providing delivery services according to the " Excelexpo Delivery Terms". Requesting delivery services represents your agreement with Excelexpo delivery terms.  


4. What is the delivery time? 

The products are available for delivery after the production period. Estimated production time is mentioned both in the offer and on the website, on the product page, at “Estimated production time" field. The exact production time is mentioned in the order confirmation received from Excelexpo.
In Bucharest, Excelexpo provides the delivery services in the next working day from the date of the products' completion (or at a future date as requested by the customer, but no later than 10 days from the date of the completion).
In Romania, outside Bucharest, Excelexpo delivers the products to the courier company after the date of their completion (or at a future date as requested by the customer, but no later than 10 days from the date of the completion). Then the products will get to the client during the next working day (or on Saturday if requested); that means 1-2 working days from the date of the products' completion.
In the European Union, the estimated delivery time is of 3-6 days, depending on the country of destination. In other countries, the delivery time is mentioned in the order confirmation received from Excelexpo.


5. What is the delivery fee?

For end-users & website orders, for orders of 50 Euro+VAT or more, delivery in Romania is FREE OF CHARGE. For orders up to 50 Euro+VAT, the client may choose between taking over the products from Excelexpo location or paying a delivery fee of 10 Euro+VAT/order/location.
The companies benefiting from the reseller discount have free delivery only in Bucharest and for orders of a minimum 50 Euro+VAT. For others, the client may choose between taking over the products from Excelexpo location or to receive the products by courier and pay the courier services at delivery. 
For deliveries outside of Romania, regardless of the order value, the delivery service is on charge, at the courier company rate. The delivery fee will be automatically calculated for the website orders a
nd will be mentioned in the quotation / order confirmation for orders sent by e-mail. For deliveries outside of Romania, the fee can be relatively high for small orders. We recommend grouping more small orders for a great delivery rate.


6. How and when should I make the payment?


The payment for the products can be made at delivery time at the latest, by one of the following: 

•  Online by Credit Card, processed by EuroPayment Services SRL ( and Paypal (

•  Bank / wire transfer in advance based on the proforma / fiscal invoice. For orders from Romania, the invoice is made in Ron at the NBR exchange rate, available at the date of issuing the invoice. 

•  Cash at delivery / cash to courier. This payment option is available for delivery in Romania. 

•  Payment from PayPal account. This payment option is available for companies outside Romania. The payment is made in Euro.

•  Payment by promissory note or check maturing in 30 days. This payment option is available for loyal Romanian companies with no defaults.


For certain customized or imported on order basis products, we may request a 40% advance payment at the time of the order, prior to launching the order in production.


In the case of payments made in a different currency than the one in which the payment is settled, the Client's bank will exchange the currency. Any commissions or exchange rate conversions applied by the Client's bank are the responsibility of the Client.


7. What is the warranty period for the products on the website?

Excelexpo SRL offers 36 months warranty period from the invoicing date, for all the products on the website, excepting the following classes of products which have no warranty: products and displays made of plastic, plastic components of the other products, prints, graphics, customized products, printings, print materials, promotional items, accessories, supplies, electric materials, and packages. The prints and graphics have 36 months warranty period for discoloring. For details please consult " Warranty for Excelexpo products".

 8. What is the quantity discount? What is the discount for advertising agencies/resellers? 

Excelexpo offers the following discounts applicable to the prices on our website:

1. mini-volume discount: 5% discount for any 3 products per order for end-users (except for the products in the category "COVID-19 Protection" which already have the maximum discount applied);
2. reseller discount: 20% discount for reseller companies (except for the products in the category "COVID-19 Protection" which already have the maximum discount applied);

3. volume discount: variable depending on the quantity, for end-users and resellers;
4. promotional discounts: for various stands in specific periods which will be announced on-site and/or by e-mails – for end-users and resellers.


•   Reseller discount (pct. 2.) is offered to resellers: advertising agencies, PR agencies, advertising production companies, etc. or any other company that has as main activity advertising and which purchases the eXcelexpo stands for reselling purposes, irrespective of the number of stands per order. The condition of getting the reseller status is achieving a cumulated yearly order of minim 2000 Euro + VAT. If, after getting the reseller status, the cumulated yearly order is below that level, Excelexpo SRL reserves its right of not offering the reseller discount to that company in the following year and to consider it, final user. Reseller discount is granted also to companies (others then ones mentioned above) which order in value of minimum 2000 Euro + VAT. Reseller discount cannot be cumulated with any of the discounts mentioned at 1. but replace it. 

•   Volume discount (pct. 3.) is offered to final users and resellers and cannot be cumulated with any of the 2 discounts mentioned at. 1. or 2. sections (taken separately or together) but replace them being higher. Volume discount is offered for high quantities/values of the order (irrespective of the fact that the delivery is made in one or many lots as agreed). Volume discount is agreed with the sales representative for each order separately.

•   Promotional discount is offered to final users and resellers and cannot be cumulated with any of the 3 discounts mentioned at. 1., 2. or 3. sections (taken separately or together). Depending on the value of the promotional discount and the client type (final user or reseller), the bigger discount will be applied. Promotional discount is temporary, its value and period are decided with at least 15 days before the period it applies. The promotional discount will be advertised on the website and by e-mail to all registered users of Excelexpo SRL, following a previous communication and which did not require to unsubscribe.

•   All of the above discounts are offered for stands and prints and are not offered for accessories or for the renting fees.


9. Can you customize the stands?

Almost all our stands can be customized with graphics. On the website and in the offer you will find the price for the product and/or the graphic. You can order products with graphics or separated.


10. How and in what format should the layouts be sent for the graphics of the ordered stands?

Graphic specifications and templates for the graphics of each product (if the case) will be supplied by your sales representative. General technical requirements are as follows:

•   total dimensions: depending on the product,

•   the artwork should be built as one file, without bleed / trimming marks,

•   scale: 1:1,

•   file format: TIFF, JPG, PDF, CDR, EPS, PSD, AI - we recommend TIFF,

•   color mode: RGB, CMYK or RGB, CMYK si Pantone combinations (only in PDF or AI files),

•   picture resolution of minim 72 dpi. We recommend you to send the file with a resolution of 150 dpi or higher,

•   all Corel Draw files must have fonts converted to outlines (if graphics is sent in this format),

•   we recommend using the LZW compression when exporting TIFF files (if graphics is sent in this format).


The layouts can be send using one of the following ways:

•   by e-mail (for files up to 10 MB)

•   by a web file hosting service (such as, etc.)

Please note the Company and the Product you want to customize in the file name. Also, please mention in the order the way you choose to send the layouts. Due to informatics virus risks we are not able to receive layouts by stick USB, external HDD, DVD, CD, etc


11. What is the graphic's resolution?

All of the graphics on flexible materials are printed with the latest HP Latex printer with an apparent resolution of 2400 dpi. All of the graphics are water and scratch-resistant. Thus you can maintain and clean the prints with a wet cloth. Most of the customized products are also laminated which gives them extra protection and durability. All prints have 3 year warranty against discoloring! Big-sized prints are produced on eco-solvent printers with 1440 dpi or 600 dpi resolution (depending on the size). The prints on textiles are produced on sublimation printers and prints on rigid are produced on UV printers.


12. Can I replace the graphics later?

Yes, of course. For all the stands the graphics can be changed / modified / replaced later.


13. Can the stands be adjusted?

Certain stands can be adjusted, so they can better meet your needs. For example, Pliant eXcel stand can be adjusted as follows: wider or deeper pockets, different positions for the pockets, various colors for the materials, etc. Adjusting possibilities are mentioned in the product presentation at their advantages. For details please contact us.


14. Can I rent the stands?

A large number of stands can be rented per event for a rate of 20% of the site price (except for the graphics). The graphics cannot be rented, they can only be purchased at the price of graphic reprint on the website. Returning the rented products is on the charge of the client.


15. Can you produce customized stands?

Yes, of course. We can produce 100% customized stands, made entirely according to the customers' specifications and needs. For some 100% customized stands it is required minimum quantity order. For details please contact us.


16. Are there assembly instructions for stands?

Most of the products which require assembling have assembling instructions. These will be supplied by your sales representative.


17. Can you provide qualified installation services? 

Some eXcelexpo products require qualified installation services in order to be used according to the purpose they were produced for. The products which require qualified installation services can include, but not limited to: lightboxes, notice boards, direction systems, volumetric logos, customized forex walls, polypropylene posters, TRUSS systems, exhibition stands, cars branding, banners installation, various stickers or wallpaper installation, installation of the rented audio-video equipment, etc.
Unless it was explicitly mentioned, qualified installation service is not included in the product price. On client request, Excelexpo can provide this service on-charge. Excelexpo provides qualified installation service according to "
Excelexpo Qualified Installation Services Terms". Requesting qualified installation service represents your agreement with Excelexpo Qualified Installation Services Terms. For a price quotation please contact us.