Dear Partners,


In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, we align with the efforts of the entire society and the authorities' recommendations to limit travel and interpersonal contacts. Therefore, in the next period, we will work using the means of distance communication (e-mail, telephone) and we will ensure production and delivery by rotation, to the extent possible and using personal protection.


We will continue to take orders, e-mails, telephone calls and together we will set the production terms as well as the delivery methods, on a case-by-case basis.


Together we will safely overcome this period!


Thank you for understanding.



eXcelexpo team

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Infoboard, People Stopper and Signage Boards

Different wall and floor systems for graphics posting, such as Infoboards, People Stoppers and signage boards.

Floor stands for different graphics and info posting for indoor usage.

Infoboards (26)

Floor posting systems for outdoor and indoor usage.

A-Boards (7)

Products for information, posting and direction.

Signage Boards (50)

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