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SETUP details - RollUps and Banner Stands

Select the setup and the price will adjust automatically:

•    System with graphics -> this option includes both the system and the graphics installed on the system - the product will be ready to use. 

•     System only -> choose this option if you have the graphics or intend to produce and install by yourself. 

•     Graphics only / Graphics reprint -> choose this option if you have a new system that needs a graphic or if you have an old system that needs graphics change. We can provide graphics installation on the system free of charge if your system is in good condition. 

   System renting (max. 5 days) ->  choose this option if you intend to rent the system for an event. The graphic is not included and is subject to a new order for the same product but choosing the option "Only graphics / Graphics reprint". 


If you choose an option that includes graphics / print, we will need a file with the graphic layout to complete the order.