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Automatic Dispenser for Disinfectant

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Dispenser for hand sanitizer.

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The Automatic Dispenser for Disinfectant helps to reduce the spread of germs and viruses providing the necessary disinfectant for the employees and clients. It is suitable for placing in meeting rooms, receptions, offices, medical offices, restaurants, classrooms, and also in all areas with
traffic. It can be used as it is, by placing on the desk or counter, or optionally, it can be supplied with transparent acrylic (plexiglass) support for mounting or fixing on the wall, furniture, different supports, etc. It is highly recommended for areas where a mobile dispenser is needed or where a stand with a disinfectant dispenser cannot be used.

The Automatic Dispenser for Disinfectant has a capacity of 280ml and works through the "NO TOUCH" system, which minimizes the risk of contamination and ensures the appropriate dose for safe disinfection. It has an infrared presence sensor and by placing the hand under the dispenser, at 3-6 cm below the sensor, it releases the disinfectant dose. With the "+/-" button placed at the top, the size of the released disinfectant dose is set (0,5g or1g). The automatic dispenser can be turned on and off with the power button, also placed at the top of the dispenser. Through the transparent base, you can easily see when it is time for refueling. The dispenser can be refueled by unscrewing the base. The dispenser works with 4 R6 (AA) batteries. The dispenser is created for liquid solutions (gel, liquid, foam) of disinfectant or soap, which are not included with the dispenser.

Thanks to its modernist design, the Automatic Disinfectant Dispenser fits perfectly on receptions, on the tables in the meeting rooms, in hotels or restaurants. Later, when there will be no need for disinfectant, it can be used with liquid soap, too.

Bonus: We offer you the 4 R6 (AA) batteries as a gift. 
The Automatic Dispenser has a modernist design and with its mobility provides the necessary disinfectant for hands, where no other dispenser can be used.
assembled product: L: 50cm; H: 20.5cm; W: 8.5cm
wrapping: plastic bag and cardboard / package sizeL: 13cm; H: 21cm; W: 9cm / weight: 1Kg

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