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Stand with Automatic Dispenser for Disinfectant and A4 Frame, black

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Stand with an Automatic Dispenser for hand sanitizer (1000ml capacity) in black color and adjustable A4 Frame.

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    1 working day
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    ✅ easy to assemble ✅ 1 year warranty ✅ small package & weight
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The Stands with Automatic Dispenser for Disinfectant help to reduce the spread of germs and viruses and provide the necessary hand sanitizer. The stands are the best solution to protect the employees and clients and they are suitable for placing not only in offices but also in medium-high traffic areas such as aeroports, public institutions, retail, hospitals, schools, universities, public spaces, etc. Apart from the dispenser, the stand is equipped with an A4 display space, where a printed sheet with the company logo and/or useful information about the importance of hand disinfection can be displayed. 

The Stand with Automatic Dispenser for Disinfectant is made of a metallic adjustable support pole of 40mm diameter, electrostatically painted in black, which is mounted on a round base, with sizes of 36x36cm. On the pole is attached an A4 click frame painted in black, made of a 25mm aluminum profile (the frame slides to insert the poster) and an "L" shaped support, for mounting the dispenser. The whole stand (excepting the dispenser which is white) is electrostatically painted in black.

The dispenser is automatic, it has a capacity of 1000ml and works through the "NO TOUCH" system, which minimizes the risk of contamination and ensures the appropriate dose for safe disinfection. It has presence sensors and by placing the hand under the dispenser, it releases a 1ml dose, enough for one use. The dispenser's window allows for easy inspection of the disinfectant level. The dispenser is easy to recharge, the tank is provided with a locking system. The dispenser works either with 4 batteries type C / R14 / LR14 or can be plugged into the power supply through the charger included in the package. On the side of the dispenser, there is an on/off switch and the power plug. The dispenser works with both the disinfectant gel and liquid. The disinfectant solution is not included.

Bonus: We offer you the A4 poster and the 4 batteries as a gift.
The Stand with Automatic Dispenser for Disinfectant is the best solution for locations with medium and high traffic.
material: printed paper / graphic layout sizeL: 21cm; H: 30cm
assembled product: L: 36cm; H: maximum 183cm; W: 36cm
wrapping: bubble folio and cardboard / package sizeL: 80cm; H: 39cm; W: 15cm / weight: 5 Kg

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