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Interior walls decoration

Date: 2013-02-01


Decorare pereti interioriBetween 1-28 February 2013, HP printed wallpaper will have the promotional price of 12 Euro/sqm+VAT, available for an order of minimum 10sqm.


HP printed wallpaper is quick and easy to apply with no adhesives and other solutions! The adhesive is activated by soacking the wallpaper in water and after 1 minute it can be sticked lipi on painted wall. For removal, the wallpapaer is wetted and after only 1 minute it can be unsticked with no harm to the wall!


- it is cheeper the paintings
- it is quick and easy to apply
- it is removed with no harm to the walls
- it can be printed with pictures//images of your will
- it can be cleaned with water
- it is ecological and do not smell.

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