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IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60

Price excl. VAT: € 140,00
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Exhibition counter with textile graphics and length of 60cm.

  • Place an order for € 50,00 + Buy IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60 or other a product from our Promo Selection to get free shipping.
  • Place an order for € 50,00 + Buy IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60 or other a product from our Promo Selection to get free shipping.
  • Buy 3 items + Buy IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60 or other a product from our Promo Selection to get 5% discount.
Light System:
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    2-3 working days
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IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60
IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60IN034 - Oval Textile Desk 60
Description: Oval Textile Desk 60 is a portable lightweight counter / infodesk for indoors, oval shaped, which can be used as presentation or information stand for fairs, exhibitions or different events. The graphics presents information about the product or company and is made of printed textile. Oval Textile Desk 60 is a solid system made of 2 wooden countertops joined together by a metallic structure made of 3 tubular aluminum legs. The customization is provided with the silicone stripes at the ends and is mounted on the wooden countertops by inserting the silicone stripes into the dedicated shaft. The countertop is made of wood and is painted in black. Optionally, it can be fitted with an interior front lighting system for better visibility of graphics. The graphic is printed at a resolution of 1440 dpi using professional equipment of the latest generation and environmentally friendly inks, odorless and solvent free. The textile print can then be cleaned by washing the washing machine at a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. 
Advantages: Oval Textile Desk 60 is a new and modern system that attracts the attention of viewers, especially if opting for the optional lighting system. It can be built up easy and quick (aprox. 5 minutes), no tools needed, the disassembled stand fits into a small textile bag. The graphic can be changed at any time thus achieving a new customized visual. Multiple sets of graphics can be ordered for alternate use.
Graphics: material: printed textile / graphic layout size:  L: 150cm; H: 110cm
Dimensions:  assembled product: L: 59.5cm; H: 102cm; W: 39.5cm
Package: wrapping: textile bag and cardboard / package size: L: 66cm; H: 47cm; W: 12cm (system with graphics) / weight: 8Kg (system with graphics)

Graphic layout

If you choose an option that includes graphics/print, we will need a file with the graphic layout to complete the order. 


Graphic specifications of the layout are as follows:

•  total dimensions: check field "graphic layout size" in the detailed description of each product,

•  the artwork should be built as one file, without bleed/trimming marks,

•  scale: 1:1,

•  file format: TIFF, JPG, PDF, CDR, EPS, PSD, AI - we recommend TIFF,

•  color mode: RGB, CMYK or RGB, CMYK si Pantone combinations (only in PDF or AI files),

•  picture resolution of minim 72 dpi. We recommend you to send the file with a resolution of 150 dpi or higher,

•  all Corel Draw files must have fonts converted to outlines (if graphics is sent in this format),

•  we recommend using the LZW compression when exporting TIFF files (if the graphic is sent in this format).


The graphic layout can be sent using one of the following options:

•  by e-mail (for files up to 10 MB)

•  by a web file hosting service.

You can find details about creating and sending a graphic layout on the Graphic layout page. Also, Y our Sales Representative can provide you with customized Graphic specifications and templates for your product of interest.


If you want to place an order for graphic layout creation, you can choose SE020 - DTP services (/working hour) or you can send us an e-mail at sales@excelexpo.ro with instructions and all the necessary details (logo, text, pictures, etc.). Later, the Sales Representative will return with a price quotation.

If you already have the graphics/print or intend to produce and install by yourself, for compatibility, please compare in advance its size and features with those mentioned in the product description and in the graphic specifications file.


These delivery provisions only apply to the sale of products and do not apply to their rental.

The products are available for the delivery after the production period. Estimated production time is mentioned at “Estimated production time" field.

Delivery will be carried out by an Excelexpo employee or by the courier company. Also, the client can pick-up the ordered products from Excelexpo location, either directly or by own courier company, during working hours (L-V: 09:00 – 17:30). 


Delivery time

In Bucharest, delivery will be carried out in the next working day, from the date of the products' completion. 

In Romania, outside Bucharest, Excelexpo deliver the products to courier company after the date of their completion and the products will get to the client during the next working day (or on Saturday if requested). In European Union the estimated delivery time is of 2-7 days, depending on the country of destination.


Delivery fee

For orders of 50 Euro+VAT or more, delivery in Romania is free of charge.
For orders up to 50 Euro+VAT, the client may choose between:

•  to pay a flat delivery fee of 10 Euro+VAT / order / location,
•  to receive the products by Excelexpo's courier company and pay the courier services at delivery or
•  to collect the products from Excelexpo location (either directly or by own courier company).

For deliveries outside of Romania, regardless of the order value, the delivery service is on charge, at the courier company rate. The delivery fee will be automatically calculated for the website orders. For deliveries outside of Romania, the fee can be relatively high for small orders, therefore we recommend grouping more small orders for a great delivery rate. 


For details please access Excelexpo Delivery Terms.