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Illuminated Volumetric Logo - Price depending on configuration

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Illuminated Volumetric Logo for outdoor

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    1-2 weeks
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Illuminated Volumetric Logo is used for outdoor light signaling of locations, companies' points of presence, brands, etc. The light signaling is achieved by individual volumetric shapes, made of plastic and branded acrylic (plexiglass) at the front. Each shape is individually illuminated with LEDs from inside. Changing the branding requires changing the lightbox. The lightbox is equipped with a power cord for connection to the electricity grid. An optional timer or light sensor is available.
A very elegant way to signal with illumination the logo/message for large and very large lightboxes. 
materialvolumetric logo / graphic layout size: depending on the size
assembled product: depending on the size
wrapping: plastic folio and cardboard/packages size: depending on the size/weight: depending on the size

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